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absolute (adjective)

altogether, utter, quite.

vertical (adjective)

up-and-down, erect, steep, vertical, longitudinal, upright, perpendicular.

Other synonyms:

rationalise, real, transparent, unspotted, quantitative, plain, vaporous, chaste, innocent, slue, make out, stark, ethereal, trend, cut down, uncompounded, bring down, curl, yaw, fibrous, gauzelike, abridge, blooming, simple, gauze-like, spare, distressed, contract, for all, brushed, deadly, thin out, stainless, vaporish, hack, spotless, thin, undefiled, unmingled, unmistakable, rolling, unvarnished, unpolluted, consummate, quantifiable, thoroughgoing, classic, prune, pellucid, edit, downright, cobwebby, untarnished, reduce, unalloyed, twist, underlying, unmixed, shorten, lucid, outright, cut, definite, wind, diaphanous, crashing, trim down, dilute, fair, swerve, bluff, damn, hilly, skew, unembellished, genuine, unblemished, pure, translucent, out-and-out, vapourish, perfect, classical, unornamented, arc, true, immaculate, alpine, clean, curve, abrupt, thorough, skid, cut off, gradual, mere, cut back, flimsy, apparent, veer, see through, change, dead, delicate, unpatterned, mountainous, write out, burn, blank, abrupt, trim, straight-out, regular, kink, tailor, holy, gossamery, skip, complete, vapourous, patent, homely, even, right-down, bodacious, bold, manifest, gossamer, miasmal, crystal clear, filmy, Midland, rationalize, uncorrupted, vapourific, disregard, precipitous, smooth, steep, turn off, foreshorten, gauzy, untainted, slight, miasmic, total, rank, crystalline, ignore, clear, arrant, slip, unstained, colorfast, plumb, craggy, arch, stone, highland, bare, unsullied, absolute, limpid, damned, unmitigated, fine, soft, slew, flat-out, virtuous, unconditional, at a time, abbreviate, switch off, breathable, slide, categorical, chop, cotton-picking, evident, graded, profound, creased, all-out, crisp, guileless, flat, perpendicularly, unadulterated, incorrupt, guiltless, cellular, crook, gentle, very, all of something, unqualified, vaporific, continent, dreadful, trim back, unbalanced, issue, edit out, geld, gently, fragile, snub, turn out.

Examples of usage:

By sheer force of will I dragged myself back to the present. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.

Then he turned back to find the sledge and stumbled and groped around in the snow for a long while before he fell upon it by sheer accident. - "Bobby of the Labrador", Dillon Wallace.

He is unable by sheer force of will to run a hundred yards in ten seconds. - "Increasing-Human-Efficiency-in-Business-a-contribution-to-the-psychology-of-business", Scott, Walter Dill.

Similar words:

scratch sheet, shelter, shell, shelter deck, shelter tent, shell out, shell parakeet, shell shock, shell bean, shell bean plant.

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