Synonyms for Jump:


capitulate, lunge, see reason/sense, upsurge, renounce, adapt, move on, rising, convert, move with the times, revise, caper, change your mind, backpedal. double, stretch, add to, escalate, step up, soar, go through the roof, height, multiply, length. assail, attack, jolt, jerk, assault, set on, ambush, strike at, go for, fly at, mug, twitch. bus, car pool, have the upper hand, buckle up, carve up, back up, carry, block in, bypass, get a head start, exceed, box in, change down, beat. burn up, idle, backfire, cycle, move, grind, cut out, engagement, flood, fire. lie with, sleep with, bed, spend the night with someone, sleep together, consummate, jump into bed with someone, make love, be intimate with someone. charge, speed, bolt, dart, surge, race, be quick on your feet, gallop, outpace, hasten. fly, boost, raise, jack, up. marvel, boggle, do a double take, catch your breath, wonder, not know what hit you, reel, advance, shudder at, upgrade, be taken aback, elevate, promote. flying tackle, running jump. head, carry on, flow, progress, press, forge ahead, walk-on, pass. flicker, come at. flick, rush. going, handicap, dressage, the horses, horseflesh, furlong, flat racing, gymkhana, flat race. event (noun)
leap, saltation.
flinch (noun)
increase (noun)
plunge (noun)
lunge, nosedive.


leap, spring (verb)
bail out, surge, lunge.
motion (verb)
start, startle.
omit, avoid (verb)
pass over.
recoil (verb)
bolt, startle.
run (verb)

Other synonyms:

hasten, jerk, spurt, running jump, flying tackle, dive, upsurge. explosion, clot, twitch, surge, upswing. caper, bleed, promote, hemorrhage, hike, upgrade. eject, bolt, elevate, flick. growth, boost, jolt, raise. dart, advance, flicker, flutter. jack. hammer. beat. rush. ambush
box in.

Usage examples for jump

  1. " He was hired with a few others to jump the claim he mentioned, and there was trouble over it. – The Greater Power by Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
  2. I will laugh and sing and jump about, and then she may smile a little instead of crying, as I often find her doing." – Ten Boys from History by Kate Dickinson Sweetser