Synonyms for Stick:


chuck, plunk, slap, clap, shove, toss, dump, plop. dashboard, cane, accelerator, back seat, air bag, machine, dash, stave, booster seat, defogger, walking stick, dimmer, demister, bucket seat. back, slab, accompany, arrange, blast, blast away, bang out, atmospherics, bloom, thing. cement, tape, wait, glue, tarry, cleave to, linger, paste. console, arcade game, amusement arcade, arcade, gameplay, gamepad, gamer, computer game, adventure game, game controller. clip, secure. initial, nee, after, assignment, nameless, naming ceremony, junior, by, namesake, Of. belong, there is/are etc., lie, stand, occupy, concentrate, exist. criticism, recrimination, barrage, censure, faultfinding, Bashing, disapproval, condemnation, mud, uproar. basketball, handball, beach ball, golf ball, football, bowling ball, ball, baseball, birdie. batten, duckboards, log, yoke, wood pulp, board, chipboard. boomerang, battering ram, blunt instrument, brass knuckles, bullwhip, knobkierie, cosh, goad. cut, shuffle, deal, see, raise, pass, bid, call, lead. fiber, froth, billow, block, foam, knot, fibre, cloud, fog, hank. riddle, dent, rip, tear. heave, shoulder, thrust, jar, strain, thrust aside, prod, push. filament, strap, strip, length, string, thread, line, spring. sink, impale, plunge in, plunge into. perforator (noun)
bore, lance, spike, punch, penetrator, Perforator, tip, bit, gouge, puncture, thorn, auger, drill, spear, skewer, point, spur, poker, arrow, die, needle, blade.
pole, often wooden (noun)
cane, club, staff, stave, bar, cudgel, baton, strip, ruler, stem, wedge, ferrule, rule, branch, timber, bludgeon, billet, slab, birch, wand, bat, drumstick, mast, board, rod, stalk, twig.
shaft (noun)
pole, stem, post, mine shaft, staff, tunnel, flagpole, rod, stalk, bar, elevator shaft, shaft.
shoot (noun)
cudgel, ruler, spar, matchstick, wand, cue, club, shillelagh, stave, timber, twig, birch, bludgeon, baton, cane, stock, billet, mast, drumstick, branch, walking stick, joist, ferrule, bat, truncheon, rule.
stick (noun)
joystick, cleave, spliff, cling, put forward, marijuana cigarette, sting, peg, stay, stick around, cohere, stay put, pin, control stick, lodge, wedge, adhere.
walking stick (noun)
walking stick.
weapon (noun)
bludgeon, truncheon.


adhere, affix (verb)
paste, cling, linger, fasten, bond, glue, stay put, stay, lodge, attach, cohere, bind, cleave, join, cement.
attach (verb)
bind, annex, cling, hitch, couple, adhere, affix, wed, attach, juxtapose, abut, merge, relate, splice, bond, join, fasten, connect, marry.
perforate (verb)
perforate, penetrate, pierce, poke.
poke with pointed object (verb)
pierce, thrust, pin, spear, sink, puncture, impale, penetrate, prod.

Other synonyms:

batten, clap, bat, slap, cleave to, cement, plunk, glue, chuck, plop, wood pulp, chipboard, shove, tape, truncheon, duckboards, impale, log. paste, filament, slab, stave. dump, club, yoke, plunge in. thrust. strap, plunge into. length. spring. board. thread. strip. sink, string. line. attach to
walking stick.
walking stick
Other relevant words:
impale, cane, stay, cement, stave, mast, walking stick, pin, stay put, stock, cleave, sting, stand, cohere, lodge, plunge in, block.

Usage examples for stick

  1. I'll stick it out to the end. – Jane Cable by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. " Stick close," he told her shortly. – The Giants From Outer Space by Geoff St. Reynard