Synonyms for Confuse:


obscure (adjective)


deepen, be (as) clear as mud, defy, be beyond someone. fall short, miss, pain, faze, stumble, err, blunder, discountenance, slip up, trip-up, discomfort, let down. correct. confuse (noun)
throw, bedevil, jumble, fuddle, flurry, confound, mistake, fox, disconcert, discombobulate, befuddle.
puzzle (noun)
flummox, dumbfound, blend, cross up, dismay, nonplus, mystify, obfuscate, disorient, daze, foul up, encumber, misinform, addle, throw off the scent, make a hash of, ball up, astonish, stir up, addle the wits, mix, rattle, unhinge, worry, faze, put at a loss, darken, embroil, mislead, render uncertain, make a mess of, lead astray, unsettle, distract.


amaze (verb)
bewilder someone (verb)
distract, astonish, faze, fuddle, perplex, addle, obscure, misinform, mislead, mystify, stir up, worry, befuddle, disconcert, fluster, complicate, unsettle, darken, discompose, lead astray, disorient, upset, discountenance, rattle, daze, nonplus, perturb, mess up, render uncertain, unhinge, trouble, puzzle, muddle, bedevil, cloud, clutter, involve, confound, baffle.
cognition (verb)
complicate (verb)
involve, tangle, snarl, entangle, complicate.
confuse (verb)
fluster, cloud, mistake, baffle, misconstrue, obscure, perplex.
derange (verb)
ferment, clutter, disarrange, mix up, tamper, rummage, trouble, ripple, jumble, dishevel, dislocate, capsize, mess, confound, meddle, tousle, agitate, upset, muddle, disturb, disorder, swirl, discompose, roughen, blur, rumple, scatter, convulse, tumble, muss, whip, hash, botch, roil, perturb, displace, churn, ruffle, mislay, whisk, derange, disorganize, scramble, toss, misplace.
disorder (verb)
disorder, scatter, disorganize, disarrange, clutter.
misinterpret (verb)
misinterpret, deform, misrepresent, misquote, twist, garble, misunderstand, misread, distort.
mix up; involve (verb)
embroil, jumble, tousle, discombobulate, disorder, tangle, mistake, blend, tumble, disarrange, rumple, encumber, entangle, disorganize.

Other synonyms:

addle, preoccupy, disorient, foul up. faze, mystify, mix, distract, defy. deepen, divert, discountenance, puzzle. dizzy. agitate
ball up.

Usage examples for confuse

  1. We cannot agree with those who confuse this personage with the chief of the Kolchytes. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. This is to confuse their minds, cause them to forget their failure, and thus to make another attempt. – African Camp Fires by Stewart Edward White