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confuse - 253 results
Other synonyms:

mingle, unhinge, fog, unsettle, abash, err, pose, faze, encumber, dun, thrust, foul up, give, parry, frustrate, circumvent, dumbfound, prorogue, slur, discountenance, smear, daze, defy, trick, shame, disjoint, correct, bedevil, drop, puzzle, flummox, lead astray, fob, play a trick on, rag, ball up, mystify, set back, turn off, stump, obnubilate, becloud, discomfit, bamboozle, nonplus, project, dishearten, be beyond someone, throw, have, throw off, throw off the scent, darken, disrupt, skirt, overawe, switch, flurry, embarrass, smudge, glaze over, discomfort, gravel, embroil, stumble, smutch, make a mess of, hold over, mess up, throw together, addle, confound, worry, addle the wits, fuddle, crucify, blend, hurl, make, torment, cast, divert, vex, flip, render uncertain, chagrin, hide, sidestep, astonish, ball up, discombobulate, muddy, remit, be (as) clear as mud, pain, fudge, veil, distract, shuffle, dizzy, dim, buffalo, muddy, mortify, dismay, bewilder, feelings, jumble, mislead, stir up, mist, haze over, let down, befog, mix, flim-flam, evade, daunt, clear, disconcert, faze, postpone, trip up, defer, play tricks, make a hash of, mistake, slip up, cross up, put off, mystify, maze, obliterate, play a joke on, rattle, drink, snafu, put over, humiliate, conflate, befuddle, miss, booze, beat, fox, blot out, film over, order, disorient, fall short, contrive, humble, get, put at a loss, table, hold, overcloud, pull a fast one on, shed, obfuscate, blear, hedge, cast off, shelve, disarray, blunder, duck, bemuse, misinform, bedim, dodge, shake off, throw away, elude, preoccupy, deepen, addle, untune.

Examples of usage:

It would confuse them more when he walked right off their instruments. - "Tangle Hold", F. L. Wallace.

We cannot agree with those who confuse this personage with the chief of the Kolchytes. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.

This is to confuse their minds, cause them to forget their failure, and thus to make another attempt. - "African Camp Fires", Stewart Edward White.

Similar words:

confine, confide, confined, confines, sexual conquest, self-confessed, mental confusion, spelling contest, safe-conduct, disorderly conduct.

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