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persist - 167 results
persevere (verb)

persevere, insist, last, endure, study at continue, keep on, continue, stay, abide, survive.

remain (verb)

last, stay, endure, prevail, tarry, wait, linger, remain.

resolve (verb)

endure, devote, resolve, persevere.

Examples of usage:

To repeat what I started to say just now, I fail to understand how you can expect us to tolerate your further attentions to Miss Barbara or how you can persist in your insane determination to ask her hand in marriage." - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.

" But," added Reynier, " if you should persist in forcing him to resign the supreme power, whom will you put in his place?" - "Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, v12", Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne.

Why persist in your wish to talk with me? - "Clotelle The Colored Heroine", William Wells Brown.

Similar words:

Salvadora Persica, Syringa Persica, Prunus Persica, perish, Prunus Persica Nectarina, ten percent, twenty percent, present perfect, twenty-five percent, present perfect tense.

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