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Other synonyms:

travel along, dwell, typify, cook, equate, embody, incorporate, settle, watch, manufacture, even off, take after, substantiate, rest, hold out, invent, stage, even out, prevail, lie, bear, appoint, imply, disappear, abide, hold up, match, have, grade, pay, appear, grow, sit, chance, co-occur, abide by, cost, stand, make, do, personify, even up, amount to, survive, come, place, inhabit, go down, accompany, stay, consist, consist of, comprise, come down, watch over, pay off, equal, body forth, come off, symbolise, trace, comply, succeed, remain, surveil, institute, hap, exist, postdate, patch up, move, cook, contain, go down, pass, come about, get, know, come over, last, live, counterbalance, constitute, reconcile, happen, keep an eye on, done, personate, rate, form, plant, occur, glucinium, operate, denote, betide, place, name, breathe, rate, obtain, stick with, pursue, kick around, interpret, fall out, stand for, follow, conciliate, experience, survey, map, keep up, endure, incarnate, hold, subsist, defend, mean, continue, rival, befall, come down, make up, equalize, espouse, feel, catch up with, nominate, play along, sit, become, populate, befall, grade, exemplify, compensate, stick to, cook up, play, equalise, observe, come off, die, coexist, symbolize, atomic number 4, body, represent, go, lay out, correspond, transpire, chance, conform to, fabricate, look, live on, hap, establish, keep abreast, present, go on, adopt, bear, touch, correct, signify, beryllium, act, found, lie, come after, betide, pass.

Examples of usage:

Do you think she will be surprised at us? - "The Dorrance Domain", Carolyn Wells.

There is nothing now to be done. - "Footsteps of Fate", Louis Couperus.

You be a man, you be! - "The Birthright", Joseph Hocking.

Similar words:

be intimate, be on, be quiet, take to be, to be precise, to be sure, bride-to-be, groom-to-be, be on cloud nine, be on the ball.

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