Synonyms for Personality:


being, quality, facet, property, self, component, factor, aspect, feature. assurance, star, self-assurance, personage, composure, self-confidence, pride, chutzpah, temerity, self-esteem, celebrity, confidence, audacity. complexion, the glitterati, sleb, public figure, makeup, living legend, be. knowledge, big-name, notable, luminary, lion, name, hero. VIP (noun)
public figure.
character (noun)
character, stature, reputation, nature, individuality, repute, peculiarity, disposition, temperament, standing, description, kind, class.
dignitary (noun)
name (noun)
person's character, traits (noun)
disposition, temperament, self, makeup, individuality, nature, complexion.
very important person (noun)

Other synonyms:

sleb, living legend, big-name. self, personage, celebrity. notable, luminary, lion. hero, being, makeup, complexion. name. star. Other relevant words:
celebrity, star, being, name, luminary, notable, aspect, self-assurance, quality, personage, lion, makeup, self, hero, sleb, public figure, complexion, confidence.

Usage examples for personality

  1. Then, as she passed him, something in the silent personality of the man arrested her. – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward