Synonyms for Organic:


basic, natural (adjective)
inherent, animate, essential, basal, principal, necessary, biological, structural, live, primary, nuclear, prime, constitutional, vital, elemental, living.
complete (adjective)
live (adjective)
animate, vital, incarnate, living, alive, live.
natural organization (adjective)
chemical, zoological, ecological, genetic, biological, evolutionary.
structural (adjective)
basic, primary, necessary, prime, initial, structural, principal, important, basal, inherent, elemental.


agribusiness, agroindustry, breed, agronomy, the CAP, agriculture, Agronomics, agricultural, agrochemical, agrarian. being, pure, organism, unadulterated, life, the human race, the animal/plant kingdom, fauna, animal, genotype, creature. canal, innards, guts, organ, entrails, pure as the driven snow, part, chamber, apparatus, culture, cavity. cohesive, heterogeneous, combined, graded, eclectic, balanced, jumbled, complementary, miscellaneous. dynamic, in the making, incipient, fledgling, in its infancy, emerging, new, embryonic, progressive, budding. calorific, crisp, chewy, cream, cool, buttery, crispy, chilled, caramelized. organic (noun)
constitutional, Organic Fertiliser, constitutive, nonsynthetic, integrated, constituent, organic fertilizer, essential, structured.
organized (noun)
organized, systematic, regular.
substance (noun)
organic fertilizer, Organic Fertiliser.


living (verb)

Other synonyms:

entrails, canal. organ, innards, guts, unadulterated, cavity. chamber, apparatus. part. fundamental
Other relevant words:
basic, creature, organized, guts, crispy, essential, calorific, structural, organic fertilizer, nonsynthetic, elemental, organism, incipient, embryonic, canal, important, budding, cream, principal, being, culture, innards, constitutive, miscellaneous, Organic Fertiliser, structured, regular, organ, dynamic, systematic, unadulterated, basal, cohesive, caramelized, necessary, heterogeneous, constitutional, nuclear, new, cavity, initial, buttery, chilled, eclectic, chamber, pure as the driven snow, jumbled, emerging, apparatus, graded, Agronomics, chewy, genotype, crisp, animal, balanced, agriculture, agroindustry, agrarian, entrails, constituent, progressive, combined, agronomy, complementary, inherent, pure, primary, life, fauna, cool, agrochemical, agribusiness, agricultural, breed, integrated, prime, fledgling, part.

Usage examples for organic

  1. Thought is an entelechy, an organic whole, in which every process conditions and is conditioned by every other. – A Short History of Greek Philosophy by John Marshall
  2. It is not to be pretended that, even from this point of view, they were always successful, only that they are organic – Emerson and Other Essays by John Jay Chapman
  3. But, as already more than once hinted, this principle, understood in the simple form here presented, supplies no key to the detailed phenomena of organic development. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer