Synonyms for Congenital:


all (adjective)
innate, inborn.
inborn (adjective)
inherent, constitutional, innate, inherited, indigenous.
included (adjective)


benign, acute, advanced, autoimmune, communicable, chronic, catching, clinical, asymptomatic. inherited, hereditary, be. elemental, built-in, start, indigenous, constitutional. congenital (noun)
innate, inborn, noninheritable, nonheritable, inherent.
inborn (noun)
study at innate, fundamental.

Other synonyms:

clinical, catching, autoimmune, benign, asymptomatic, communicable. built-in, elemental, inherited, chronic. hereditary, constitutional. advanced, acute. inborn
indigenous, inborn.
Other relevant words:
elemental, constitutional, chronic, built-in, inherited, advanced, fundamental, hereditary, indigenous, asymptomatic.

Usage examples for congenital

  1. But what, may I ask, do you regard as the very worst type of congenital criminal at the present day? – The Crime Doctor by Ernest William Hornung