Synonyms for Contracted:


contracted (adjective)
abbreviated, condensed, shrunken, Squeezed, compressed, Compacted, deflated, abridged.
decreased (adjective)
Receded, abbreviated, Compacted, compressed, Curtailed, deflated, eroded, lower, shortened, lessened, decremented, shrunk, abridged, truncated, concentrated, Abated, drained, diminished, depleted, decreased.
diminished (adjective)
reduced, abbreviated, clipped, compressed, shortened, dropped, removed, shrunken, lowered, abridged, Leached, weeded, downgraded, sheared, drained, truncated, deducted, decreased, Nipped, Pared, lessened, pruned, concentrated, Lightened, docked, tapered, Receded, Dwindled, diminished, eroded, cut, Bobbed, cropped, deflated, Compacted, shaved, decremented, mowed, Curtailed, trimmed, depleted, condensed.
reduced (adjective)
Depreciated, mowed, drained, cropped, compressed, Snubbed, Bobbed, decreased, Elided, docked, bated, deflated, Pared, clipped, pruned, reduced, cut, Nipped, sheared, Discounted, subtracted, diminished, lessened, removed, weeded, Deleted, trimmed, shaved, lowered, abridged, Curtailed, deducted, eroded, abbreviated, shortened.


contracted (noun)
shrunken, contractile, shrunk, narrowed.


agreed (verb)
Conformed, accepted, Cooperated, agreed, Stipulated, endorsed, welcomed, Acquiesced, Assented, Acceded, empathized, Capitulated, affirmed, Concurred, approved, Consented, sanctioned, promised, pledged, blessed.
contracted (verb)
decreased (verb)
deducted, Shrank, died down, Subsided, Dwindled, lowered.
diminished (verb)
Culled, minimized.
endeavored (verb)
Approached, Endeavored, Aimed, attempted, Performed, Acted, committed, Proceeded, Undertook, exploited, Assayed, Volunteered, Maneuvered, engaged, Undertaken, Ventured.
hired (verb)
Rented, leased, employed.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
narrowed, contractile.

Usage examples for contracted

  1. The circle in which he began to drink had gradually contracted about him. – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  2. Mrs Harrington still kept her eyes on her embroidery, and appeared not to remark what was passing; but Dora saw that she bit her lip, and contracted her brow, and she well knew that a storm was at hand. – Amy Herbert by Elizabeth Sewell