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persevere (verb)

persist, abide, persevere, survive, continue, stay, endure.

perpetuate (verb)

continue, perpetuate, endure.

remain (verb)

linger, stay, endure, prevail, tarry, wait, persist, remain.

endure (verb)

outlive, outlast, perpetuate, endure, prolong.

Other synonyms:

take hold, belong, cultivation, brave, all, previous, late, farthermost, newest, fighting for survival, destination, worst, live on, finally, current, stick out, clock in at, satisfy, subterminal, run, die hard, serve, Allen wrench, net, ...or bust, rifle, pop off, give way, destruction, stand, unalterable, die, get going, uttermost, conk, coating, finale, brave out, most recently, adjustable wrench, hold out, proceed, snuff it, death, cobbler's last, usable, fashionable, this, termination, do, bottommost, give out, croak, stopping point, drop dead, flow, lead, latest, resist, there's no stopping someone, lattermost, public, function, populate, pass, lag, consummate, ultimately, go bad, deciding, then, break, digest, dwell, vacant, lastly, stretch, parting, closing curtain, old, sometime, at last, wear, run short, fit, close, hold up, come through, bellows, ratiocination, stomach, answer, maximum, dying, next-to-last, exsert, decease, travel, until, locomote, hold, seasonal, defy, if it kills you, spare, stretch forth, senior, survive, awl, I/we etc. will not rest until..., bit, accessible, kick the bucket, cash in one's chips, box end wrench, span, applicator, max, inhabit, tick over, finis, go away, pull round, sustain, expiry, past, sunset, preceding, blowlamp, going, go back, run low, brook, buy the farm, here, concluding, later, delay, stretch out, furthermost, put out, won't take no for an answer, fourth-year, eventually, most, blend, conclusively, put up, fail, hold water, endmost, available, stand up, at long last, stylish, immediate, extend, when, modern, culture, in for a penny, in for a pound, decision, weather, wild horses couldn't..., oddment, end, give-up the ghost, work, demise, final stage, stand firm, hindermost, outmoded, operate, hindmost, foregoing, sound, farthest, nth, blowtorch, endure, utmost, unlikely, refinement, live, whenever, precede, conk out, remnant, outside, last-place, move, pass away, where there's a will, there's a way, bradawl, detain, break down, antepenultimate, absolute, terminal, stick up, conclusion, finish, be, limp, and damn the consequences/expense etc., exit, latter, go, open, penultimate, make it, last out, closing, depart, high, in the end, parthian, start, before, coda, rearmost, know, extreme, live to fight/see another day, determination, support, in conclusion, pull through, remainder, become, nett, perish, final, get, lowest, clear, up-to-date, near, withstand, paramount, latency, furthest, top, inalterable, goal, blend in, plump, expire, ultimate, choke, on offer, shoemaker's last, modish, supreme, stale, polish.

Examples of usage:

We went along (since it was her last trip prior to decommissioning), and took some video and photographs of what was a thoroughly interesting day.

That's your last word? - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

Did you make up your mind last night?" - "The Rosary", Florence L. Barclay.

Similar words:

every last, last out, last resort, last rites, shoemaker's last, next-to-last, cobbler's last, first and last, Custer's Last Stand, in the last analysis.

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