Synonyms for Modish:


fashionable (adjective)
stylish, dashing, in style, up-to-the-minute, trig, mod, trendy, Tony, with-it, chic, in, a la mode, swish, all the rage, smart, swank, contemporary.
stylish (adjective)
mod, style, smart, modern.


ahead of your/its etc. time, state of the art, space age, futuristic, advanced, modernistic, contemporary. dashing, Tony, sharp, in, with-it, up-to-the-minute, snappy, swish, trendy, posh, usual, mod, swanky, swank, style, smart, chic, trig, all the rage, classy. modish (noun)
fashionable, in style, a la mode, stylish, in vogue.

Other synonyms:

classy, mod, chic, Tony, trig. posh, trendy, with-it. snappy, dashing. smart, in. sharp. in vogue
in vogue.
Other relevant words:
contemporary, advanced, in, with-it, sharp, dashing, chic, trig, modernistic, classy, all the rage, smart, swanky, up-to-the-minute, swank, trendy, swish, style, Tony, posh, mod, modern, snappy.

Usage examples for modish

  1. This Lewis Seymour still lives and paints modish London in rose- colour. – Promenades of an Impressionist by James Huneker