Synonyms for Determinative:


conclusive (adjective)
decisive, definitive, crucial, determining, final, determinant.
final (adjective)
final, conclusive.


final, conclusive, definitive, decide, authoritative. important. communication (noun)
determinative (noun)
determinant, deciding, determining factor, determiner, determining, crucial, decisive, causal factor.

Other synonyms:

final, definitive. authoritative. Other relevant words:
conclusive, decide, authoritative, final, important, definitive.

Usage examples for determinative

  1. The second stage excludes phonetic corruption in the principal root, but allows it in the secondary or determinative elements. – Lectures on The Science of Language by Max Müller
  2. It loses itself in dicta, as determinative in detail for the weal or woe of mankind as they are disconnected in themselves and dissociated from any general doctrine, or even from any especial dogma. – The New Germany by George Young