Synonyms for Curb:


edge (adjective)
ledge, lip.


confines, range. limitation, limited, stricture, inhibition, circumscription, constraint, restriction, restraint, deal with. milestone, lamppost, milepost, embankment, bus stop, gutter, hedgerow, lay-by. cure, regulate. artifact (noun)
curb (noun)
check, subdue, curb bit, curtail, cut back, conquer, kerb, bridle, control, amex, hold in, inhibit, contain, moderate, stamp down, restrict, American Stock Exchange, hold, suppress.
edge (noun)
extremity, side, precipice, fence, fringe, sharpness, brim, outline, ring, tip, margin, periphery, rim, border, edge, coast, frontier limit, perimeter, boundary, brink.
limit (noun)
restraining device; check (noun)
chain, barrier, lip, restriction, border, edge, control, brake, ledge, restraint, rim, bridle, limitation.
restraint (noun)
chain, restraint, barrier.


de-motivate (verb)
discourage, dampen, dissuade, stifle, daunt, dishearten, de-motivate, disincline, throttle, depress.
hinder (verb)
cripple, stay, drag, congest, encumber, cramp, detain, brake, foul, oppose, resist, constrain, fetter, deter, hinder, restrain, impede, impair, snag, handicap, choke, counter, hamstring, mire, bung, check, plug, paralyze, thwart, jam, entangle, bar, clog, hamper, complicate, block, tangle, obstruct, baffle, entrap, frustrate, dam, interrupt, inhibit, bottleneck, catch, snarl, stop, crimp, delay, restrict, burden, constipate.
prohibit (verb)
disapprove, disallow, oppress, disqualify, reject, forbid, suppress, prohibit, prevent, outlaw, preclude, curtail, deny, ban, refuse, control.
repress, restrict (verb)
fetter, hold in, suppress, clog, deny, constrain, hamper, restrain, contain, impede, moderate, inhibit, hinder, check, subdue.
social (verb)
moderate, hold in, contain, control, hold, check.

Other synonyms:

bus stop, hedgerow, verge, embankment, lamppost. limitation, milestone, milepost, lay-by, restraint, stricture, circumscription. inhibition, restriction. cure, gutter, constraint. american stock exchange
American Stock Exchange.
bottle up
hold in.
cut back.
Other relevant words:
cut back, embankment, cure, restriction, hold, milepost, curb bit, stricture, inhibition, conquer, range, bridle, hold in, regulate, stamp down, lamppost, lip, circumscription, moderate, constraint, milestone, gutter, kerb, confines, hedgerow, contain, limited, American Stock Exchange, subdue, chain, restraint, limitation, barrier, lay-by, amex, ledge.

Usage examples for curb

  1. Mr. Farraday looked at his watch as he started away from the curb found the hour to be eleven o'clock, wabbled the machine first to the right and then to the left, and finally turned down- town, in which direction the Claridge reared its twelve stories of masonry at the corner of Forty- fourth and Sixth. – Blue-grass and Broadway by Maria Thompson Daviess
  2. I think she had been watching from behind the curtains and had seen our cab draw up at the curb – Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph C. Lincoln
  3. Suddenly she changed her step and executed a quick backward movement toward the water, stopping just as her heels touched the curb at the edge of the wharf; then forward, and again a quick return to the backward movement, but this time she mistook the distance, her heels struck the curb forcibly, and she was precipitated backward into the water. – The-Darrow-Enigma by Severy, Melvin Linwood