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sometime - 34 results
Other synonyms:

past, whilom, disestablish, before, comedown, then, climb, bankrupt, here, previous, erstwhile, this, former, in a time to come, other, beggar, late, precede, in the future, descend, one-time, old, whenever, once, when, last, quondam, come out, ascent, someday, acquire, until, all, onetime.

Examples of usage:

He must try it sometime. - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.

Now what's to prevent my stock becoming valuable sometime when they open it up?" - "Shadow Mountain", Dane Coolidge.

" Sometime," he said, and went back into his smithy. - "Flemish Legends", Charles de Coster.

Similar words:

something, thirty-something, someone, somatic, somatic sensation, somatic sense, somatic chromosome, somatic sensory system, pull someone's leg.

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