Synonyms for Stylish:


all (adjective)
artistic (adjective)
elegant (adjective)
classical, tactful, suave, graceful, sophisticated, well-bred, dignified, neat, civil, tasteful, fine, exquisite, cultivated, decorous, elegant, charming, refined, cultured.
fashionable (adjective)
classy, fashionable, Tony, snappy, a la mode, dashing, showy, in vogue, sharp, refined, chic, trendy, up-to-date, dapper, trig, in fashion, smart, conventional, slick, snazzy, coordinated, modish, fancy, natty, mod, in, modal, rakish, chichi, ritzy, vogue, groovy, latest, modernistic, voguish, swank, decorous.
modish (adjective)
all the rage, faddy.
plush (adjective)
stylish (adjective)
eloquent, artistic, artful, talented, deft, capable, clever, adroit, expressive, skillful, graceful, adept.


nice-looking, lovely, stunning, adorable, beguiling, knockout, delightful, eye-catching, captivating, appealing. bespectacled, all the rage, attired, trig, Corseted, usual, style, clothed, cross dressing, clad, sharp, with-it, debonair, up-to-the-minute. chic (noun)
in fashion.
stylish (noun)
chichi, faddish, trendy, rakish, newest, last, jaunty, modern, swank, spruce, dashing, modernistic, raffish, in, trendsetting, in style, quaint, old-time, groovy, snazzy, classy, voguish, latest, posh, smart, in vogue, modish, swish, spiffy, faddy, a la mode, fashionable, mod, Olde Worlde, snappy, dapper, natty, swagger, chic, cool, up-to-date, swanky.

Other synonyms:

trig. with-it. in. sharp. Other relevant words:
sharp, bespectacled, stunning, faddy, mod, swagger, spiffy, faddish, classy, groovy, knockout, jaunty, appealing, Corseted, in style, in, posh, debonair, Olde Worlde, voguish, adorable, spruce, all the rage, trendsetting, snazzy, clothed, cool, newest, style, beguiling, modernistic, modish, trendy, lovely, attired, clad, latest, cross dressing, with-it, captivating, in fashion, swanky, eye-catching, last, usual, nice-looking, old-time, modern, raffish, delightful, trig, swish, in vogue, quaint.

Usage examples for stylish

  1. I wouldn't like to live with those glasses every day, even if they are stylish – Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter
  2. She had a party dress, and quite a stylish one. – Good Luck by L. T. Meade
  3. And I shoots over her at the throat of the big dog, and the other two they sinks their teeth into that stylish overcoat and tears it off me, and that sets me free, and I lets them have it. – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis