Synonyms for Departing:


departing (adjective)
withdrawing, retreating, fleeing, going, parting, exiting, leaving.
parting (adjective)
valedictory (adjective)


departing (noun)
outward, outbound, outgoing, outward-bound.


deflecting (verb)
Digressing, Refracting, Deflecting, varying, diverging, Deviating, drifting, Diffracting, wandering, shifting.
departing (verb)
Quitting, exiting, Abandoning, parting, fleeing, Decamping, going, Embarking, withdrawing, leaving.
disappearing (verb)
Evanescing, Evaporating, melting, flying, disappearing, sinking, dissolving, vanishing, hiding, fading.
dying (verb)
passing on, expiring, falling, dying, Deceasing, Ceasing, passing, Succumbing, passing away, Perishing, ending.
exiting (verb)
Discharging, draining, exhausting, issuing, venting, running off, spouting.
leaving (verb)
Omitting, emptying, voiding, Absenting, Evacuating, Vacating, Abstracting.

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Usage examples for departing

  1. For a minute or two she stood watching his departing figure. – The New Tenant by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. On the night on which he had made all preparations to depart he received a note from the Minister of the Interior of the Turkish Empire saying that he, the Minister, had heard that the colonel was about to escape, and would be much obliged if he would call on him before departing – The Escaping Club by A. J. Evans