Synonyms for Separating:


division (noun)
dividing, rending, breaking, parting, distinguishing, Detaching, breaking up, Disuniting.
selecting (noun)
threshing (noun)


alienating (verb)
estranging, Distancing, alienating, Disaffecting, dividing, Disuniting, pushing away, Divorcing.
discriminating (verb)
discriminating, discerning, distinguishing, setting apart, differentiating.
dissociating (verb)
Detaching, dismantling, splitting, fragmenting, uncoupling, Disjoining, Disengaging, Rupturing, rending, partitioning, Disconnecting, Segregating, breaking, severing, Dissociating, cleaving, Excising, Sundering, Disassociating, parting, Insulating, Halving.
diverging (verb)
veering, spreading, Deflecting.
divorcing (verb)
Disuniting, splitting, Divorcing.
ordering (verb)
regulating, Marshalling, ranking, Methodizing, Placing, controlling, scheduling, Mediating, designing, composing, settling, grouping, Maintaining, balancing, sorting, scheming, ordering, stabilizing, Forming, Systematizing, Harmonizing, subordinating, Preparing, Stratifying, Arraying, devising, Classifying, casting, programming, pigeonholing, orchestrating, Collating, Establishing, supporting, charting, planning, integrating, rationalizing, grading, framing, schematizing, sifting, structuring, Adjusting, unifying, categorizing, scoring, shaping, fixing, arranging, setting, Classing, screening, typing, Organizing, normalizing, rating, Righting, unsnarling, Plotting.
scattering (verb)
scattering, Dislocating, Distributing, Doling, Dispersing, breaking up, diffusing, Evaporating, Refracting, Diffracting, Evanescing, Disordering, dissolving, radiating, diverging, Disbursing.
secluding (verb)
Closeting, blacklisting, Extraditing, Ejecting, Expatriating, Blackballing, Evicting, isolating, confining, Secluding, Disbarring, cordoning, Rejecting, Sequestering, Ostracizing, ousting, Extirpating, Banishing, Boycotting, Excommunicating, Cloistering, Removing, expelling, Excluding, Eliminating, Deporting, Exiling.
separating (verb)
Amputating, ungluing, ripping, cutting, paring, disassembling, Incising, axing, unhinging, Dissecting, Bisecting, slicing, disaffiliating, unfixing, Disintegrating.

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Usage examples for Separating

  1. It's absurd to suppose- I don't deny, said Meldon, that when we consider Sir Gilbert Hawkesby as a private individual, separating for a moment the man from the judge, we must credit him with the feeling that Miss King is rather a- what the French would call a mauvais sujet. – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham
  2. As we have explained, they were standing on the highest portion of the rocky wall, separating the burning mountain from the subterranean portion of the enchanted lake. – The Land of Mystery by Edward S. Ellis
  3. All you can do, of course, is to sort out the papers by number, separating into a single pile all those that bear no number. – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter