Synonyms for Link:


block, author, browse, access, archive, burn-in, call up, capture, back up, burn. ligature, adapter, lead, crocodile clip, outlet, cable, alligator clip, jack. interrelationship, interconnection, partnership, chemistry, hookup, relations, reconciliation, relation, interdependence, rapport. secure, fix. be bound up/together, have something to do with something, be associated with, correspond, do with, pertain to, surround. public transport, communication, freight, conveyance, departure, public transportation, mass transit, service, arrivals. balance. clip art, edit, autoflow, bug, clipboard, file format, autosave, browse mode, field, automatic hyphenation. holder, safety belt, rubber band, rope. connection (noun)
correlation, affinity, connection, relationship, junction, attachment, association, bond.
fastener (noun)
twine, brace, button, knitting, buckle, binding, bolt, stitch, seal, coupling, cincture, fastening, agent, knot, cinch, ligament, anchor, connector, pin, clinch, lace, hinge, tack, glue, hasp, rivet, spike, cleat, rabbet, fuse, medium, thread, mucilage, string, clip, lock, bonding, mediator, clamp, weld, guy, binder, nail, cement, bracket, skewer, splice, hitch, stay, belt, middleman, brad, chain, suture, closure, Vinculum, go-between, snap, staple, braid, zipper, latch, strap, clasp, tie, cotter, fastener, paste, grapnel, hawser, band, vise, catch, hook.
fastening (noun)
interrelationship (noun)
link (noun)
connectedness, connection, unite, connect, liaison, contact, yoke, nexus, colligate, connexion, link up, tie in, join, tie, inter-group communication, relate, data link, associate, linkup, radio link.
linkdef (noun)
middle (noun)
rapport (noun)
relation (noun)
hookup, linkage, interdependence, interconnection.
ring (noun)
intersection, coupler, ligation, articulation, copula, section, loop, seam, interconnection, ligature.
tie (noun)
zipper, tie.
tie-in (noun)
tie in.


connect (verb)
join, associate, fasten, unite, relate, bracket, bind, couple.
fasten (verb)
tether, connect, baste, couple, zip, plait, sew, bind, weave, fasten, lash, knit.
sequence (verb)
sequence, array, align, concatenate, succeed, queue, rank, arrange, sort, follow, progress, order.

Other synonyms:

alligator clip, departure, outlet, public transportation, public transport, mass transit, interrelationship, compare, rapport, check against, set against, communication, differentiate, crocodile clip, interconnection, reconciliation, adapter, cable. freight, partnership, ligature, interdependence. relation, chemistry, jack, do with, surround, conveyance, contrast, correspond. lead. balance. service. attach
link up.
tie in.

Usage examples for link

  1. At the end of half an hour he had established a link of easy friendship, and had brought the conversation round without difficulty to the matter which was the real object of the interview. – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg
  2. He realised that the conspiracy in which she appeared to be a vital link was far- reaching and undoubtedly pernicious in character. – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon