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contact (verb)

butt, border, join, contact, connect, touch, abut, reach out, adjoin.

congregate (verb)

convene, collect, muster, congregate, assemble, gather.

equal (verb)

equal, balance, match, equalize.

converge (verb)

intercept, concentrate, unite, focus, approach, merge.

Other synonyms:

fiddle, date, negotiate, do, mate, tie, join forces, befitting, pat, convenient, partake, check, bear the cost/expense etc., shout out, keep your word, project, dally, stick out, tint, find, fill, brush, knock against, bound, fair, rival, refer, encounter, chance, appropriate, cumulate, sustain, adjoin, introduce, open, spiel, contest, duel, agree, pit, decide, congruous, replete, impact, adopt, come across, learn, satiate, put up, gather up, get a line, run across, act, foregather, diverge, accommodate, gibe, leer, fix with, playact, ran into, outfit, handle, wreak, react, watch, graze, follow, stomach, big game, timely, strike, witness, butt against, engage, card, fulfil, chance on, pay out, go, bring, bifurcate, pile up, extend to, have, felicitous, get, brook, applicable, prove, greeting, talk through, cope with, collide with, shove, run, verge, consider, gratify, allude, realize, assume, invite, execute, bite, undergo, admit, disburse, spend, accomplish, stand, assemble, jibe, decorous, combat, come to, adhere, pay your respects (to someone), bump, pair, know, close, make the best of something, suffer, clash, face, touch on, march, ascertain, twin, touch, act as, wager, get through, play, hit, fitted, receive, concern, fall in, apt, bore into, championship, neighbor, ensure, beseeming, support, trifle, becoming, see about, meet up, stare down, answer, leave, call forth, keep, fall upon, equip, suit, fancy, hold to, tolerate, ascend, take care, conform to, have-to doe with, carry through, invest in, lose, bait, go steady, contact, eye, acknowledge, near, bear, challenge, visualize, interpret, make for, extend, control, pay, take something on board, clear the air, feelings, fit, relate, competition, cooperate, get wind, suitable, discover, realise, decent, incur, come on, participate, assure, gather, take in, accept, oppose, attain, battle, seemly, pick up, bag, fit out, couple, blood sports, garner, resonate, deliver, the Commonwealth Games, find out, fulfill, examine, close season, understand, tack, get together, roleplay, get word, edge, appear, happen upon, carry, proper, suited, finance, translate, take, match, stir, come over, meet with, impinge on, branch off, hurt, correspond, disperse, sate, amass, good, coincide, see to it, jostle, bet, tuck, see in, angling, possible, flirt, bye, figure, resort, present, catch, satisfy, meet up with, draw, take up, image, accumulate, ideal, just, visit, fill up, see, acquire, right, respond, perfect, taste, converge, tinge, suffice, honor, put together, chance upon, capture, conglomerate, conflict, take over, jar against, pull together, divide, recreate, do something, abandon, gain, comely, happen, equate, construe, occupy, forgather, undertake, rendezvous, sports meeting, familiarize with, lower, regard, digest, work, tinct, look, push, canvass, ride, come upon, pucker, escort, pluck, Cup, worthy, represent, fight, stroke, expedient, determine, glower, happy, insure, bend, race, butt on, feel, result in, provoke, reckon, address, diddle, go down, pretty, same, pertain, reach, graceful, well-chosen, envision, lock, experience, toy, bear on, get hold of, fund, abide, light upon, tally, disturb, collaborate, ache, deal with, take on, endure, obtain, play off, tack together, enter, set up, fitting, make full, picture, live up to, view, action, outstare, visualise, neat, equalise, end, advert, come through, bring forth, affect, remember, stick to, hear, tackle, crown, cast, bear upon, carry out, go out, piece, go through.

Examples of usage:

If you will tell me which way they have gone I will go and meet them." - "Jan and Her Job", L. Allen Harker.

So you will have to go to her to- night and tell her that she must meet me on my way to school to- morrow. - "The Rebel of the School", Mrs. L. T. Meade.

All right, I'll meet you there. - "The Story of a Doctor's Telephone--Told by His Wife", Ellen M. Firebaugh.

Similar words:

swim meet, swimming meet, meek, meets, Jan Van Der meer.

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