Synonyms for Same:


alike, identical (adjective)
equivalent, likewise, equal, corresponding, indistinguishable, aforesaid, like, related, very, tantamount, aforementioned, similarly, selfsame, duplicate, comparable, interchangeable, twin.
duplicate (adjective)
equal (adjective)
indistinguishable, equivalent, alike, equal, identical, tantamount, one and the same, like.
identical (adjective)
twin, indistinguishable, equivalent, alike, identical, interchangeable, duplicate.
similar (adjective)
alike, like, homogeneous.
unchanging (adjective)
unchanged, constant, changeless, consistent, invariable, uniform, unvarying, unfailing.
uniform (adjective)
level, invariable, like, undeviating, assonant, regular, homogeneous, unvarying, consistent, indistinguishable, even, monolithic, uniform, undiversified, seamless, consonant, equable, unbroken, steady, undifferentiated, alike.
united (adjective)
elemental, undivided, holistic, united, monolithic, uniform, integrated, simple, coincident, atomic, congruous, irreducible, intact, solid, single, fundamental, homogeneous, entire, pure, unified, congruent, integral, cohesive, complete, coherent, indivisible.


another, same old, same old, different. can take something or leave it, similarly, not give a fig about/for something, trample something/someone underfoot, related, not give/care a damn (about), not give a hoot/two hoots, have the hide of an elephant/rhinoceros, someone couldn't care less, look out for yourself/number one, likewise. Identic. constant, unchanging, change, unfailing, changeless. invariant. same (noun)
equivalent, comparable, aforesaid, indistinguishable, very, selfsame, identical, like, corresponding, equal, unchanged, said, self, aforementioned, one, synoptical, assonant, synoptic, one and the same, duplicate.

Other synonyms:

invariant, Identic, unchanging. changeless, very, unfailing. constant. Other relevant words:
one, Identic, changeless, one and the same, unchanged, unfailing, aforementioned, synoptic, corresponding, self, comparable, likewise, selfsame, said, invariant, unchanging, similarly, aforesaid, related, very, synoptical, constant.

Usage examples for same

  1. Any woman would feel the same – Country Neighbors by Alice Brown
  2. " I'm tellin' the truth, all the same – Down the Slope by James Otis
  3. He is the same as Tom;- just as bad. – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope