Synonyms for Mock:


artificial (adjective)
ersatz, synthetic, bogus, unnatural, sham.
burlesque (adjective)
imitative (adjective)
Impersonated, mirror, assumed, parroted, Replicated, Mimicked, copied, imitative, counterfeit, Echoed, reproduced, parallel, Aped, Parodied, duplicate.
mock (adjective)
fraudulent, counterfeit, forged, pretended, imitative, mimic, false, imitation, unreal.
pretentious (adjective)
forged, deceitful, fake, unnatural, forced, overdone, affected, imitation, fraudulent, theatrical, facade, stilted, posing, synthetic, counterfeit, imposture, Masquerading, ostentatious, artificial, studied, la-di-da, mannered, Impersonating, bogus, pretentious, ersatz, stiff, stagy, histrionic, false, showy.


hypothetical, fictitious, made-up, imaginary. examination, cheat sheet, borderline, quiz, laughter, examiner, candidate, certificate, scout, exam, respect, crib note, crib, laugh, twit. lampoon, jeering, custard pie, same, mocking, travesty. mockery, farce, sham. burlesque (noun)
farce, mockery.
counterfeit (noun)
sham, pretended, unreal.
mock (noun)
counterfeit, bemock, imitative.


abase (verb)
dishonor, disgrace, malign, abase, degrade, embarrass, shame, defame.
ape (verb)
echo, impersonate, copy, parrot, emulate.
banter (verb)
joke, razz, jest, ridicule, rag.
mock (verb)
imitate, ape, kid, feign, caricature, sneer, fake, burlesque, travesty, scoff, parody, mirror, jeer, deride, taunt, insult, lampoon, mime, simulate.
ridicule (verb)
insult, caricature, humiliate, jest, denigrate, deprecate, ride, roast, sneer, ridicule, joke, kid, burlesque, jeer, taunt, rag, gibe, deride, scoff, razz, quip.
shame (verb)
ostracize, debunk, expose, stigmatize, scandalize, show up, discomfit, pillory, vilify.

Other synonyms:

made-up, lampoon, cheat sheet, examiner, imaginary, twit, crib note, hypothetical. custard pie, fictitious, certificate, travesty, exam. farce, borderline, quiz, laugh. examination, candidate, mockery. crib. sham. imitate
copy, Replicated.
gibe, twit.
Other relevant words:
made-up, hypothetical, certificate, imaginary, laugh, mocking, examination, same, exam, pretended, twit, farce, jeering, lampoon, sham, candidate, crib, travesty, scout, examiner, bemock, fictitious, laughter, borderline, unreal, quiz, mockery, respect.

Usage examples for mock

  1. Despard's face, naturally grave, assisted him toward maintaining the mock serious tone which he chose to adopt; and Mrs. Thornton's peculiar style of face gave her the same advantage. – Cord and Creese by James de Mille
  2. And dost thou tremble for my life, and mock me with the name of duke the while thou wouldst forbid me hope. – Fiesco or, The Genoese Conspiracy A Tragedy by Frederich Schiller
  3. It seemed to mock him, but Amber nodded at it with no unfriendly feeling. – The Bronze Bell by Louis Joseph Vance