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Other synonyms:

the time between, in the interim, all the while, while, at the same time as, amid, through, in, when, over, in the midst of something, within, in the meanwhile, by, pending, at, at the time, in the middle of, the whole time, for the duration.

Examples of usage:

" Then it must have been stolen during the night. - "The Second String", Nat Gould.

Mrs. Mavor and I were much together during those days. - "Black Rock", Ralph Connor.

Did you leave your room at all during last night? - "The Devil's Paw", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Similar words:

durion, durango, durian, durant, Aristolochia Durior, durian tree, durio, Durio Zibethinus, Genus Durio.

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