Synonyms for Allowing:


consenting (adjective)
approving, accepting, concurring, consenting, Permitting, Acquiescing, Ratifying, Endorsing, assenting, sanctioning.
permitting (adjective)


giving (noun)
Presenting, supplying.


allotting (verb)
setting, budgeting, rationing, splitting, measuring, Meting, Allotting, Portioning, assigning, giving, dealing, Distributing, cutting, dividing, parceling, sharing, partitioning, Dispensing, allocating, apportioning, segmenting, Earmarking, slicing.
compromising (verb)
appeasing, compromising, Adjusting, reconciling, bargaining, Mediating, conceding, Compensating, settling, giving and taking, accommodating.
consenting (verb)
Condoning, letting.
enabling (verb)
enabling, Permitting, commissioning, Licensing, Empowering, Facilitating, Authorizing.
giving (verb)
helping, Presenting, Assisting, Attributing, Submitting, funding, Granting, contributing, Doling, rendering, Donating, serving, Devoting, Tendering, Bestowing, Bequeathing, Ascribing, supplying, Extending, Consigning, awarding, Delivering, lending, Pledging, Disbursing, Lavishing, Endowing, imparting, Furnishing, Showering, Providing, expending, sending, offering, paying.
permitting (verb)
blessing, Tolerating, releasing, Enfranchising.
portioning (verb)
zoning, compartmentalizing, chunking, Subdividing, Halving, Piecing, Dismembering.
qualifying (verb)
qualifying, limiting, Modifying, Stipulating, tempering, Excepting, Reserving, Mitigating.

Other synonyms:

approving, consenting.

Usage examples for Allowing

  1. And Helen, comforted by holy meditations, allowing her cousin to depart, he led Murray and his companions into the convent library. – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  2. I'm allowing it was the next night after our arrival, perhaps late in the evening, when our double- faced host brought us the provisions, and that we most- like have spent one entire night eating and working on the tunnel. – The Minute Boys of Boston by James Otis
  3. They still try to console themselves with believing and allowing others to suppose that after all, things are not so bad; they might be worse. – The Trade Union Woman by Alice Henry