Synonyms for Conglomerate:


composite (adjective)
mixed (adjective)


the biz, anchor, affiliate, agency, big business, base, agent, acquisition, blue-chip, account. jumble, combo, hybrid. blended (noun)
variegated, different.
combination (noun)
paste, mix, infusion, brew, alloy, composition, blend, commixture, concoction, hodgepodge, composite, amalgam, incorporation, compound, medley, fusion, amalgamation, mixture, admixture, ensemble, combination, assembly, conglomeration.
composite organization (noun)
conglomeration, combine.
conglomerate (noun)
cumulate, empire, combined, pudding stone, pile up, amass, accumulate, gather.
group (noun)
substance (noun)
pudding stone.


combine (verb)
compose, concoct, combine, infuse, incorporate, assemble, amalgamate, fuse.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
variegated, amass, pudding stone, different, jumble, accumulate, pile up, gather, combined, cumulate, empire.

Usage examples for conglomerate

  1. When we have time, or when the experience is over, a mountain or a masterpiece can be analysed- the worst part of it; but we cannot make a masterpiece by analysing it; and a mountain has never been appreciated by pounding it into trap, quartz, and conglomerate and it still holds good, as a general principle, that making a man appreciate a mountain by pounding it takes nearly as long as making the mountain, and is not nearly so worth while. – The Lost Art of Reading by Gerald Stanley Lee