Synonyms for Patchwork:


multicolored (adjective)
dappled, kaleidoscopic, harlequin, flecked, variegated, parquet, Dichromic, polychromatic, plaid, tartan, motley, streaked, colorful, freckled, calico, marble, checked, tessellated, multicolor, mosaic, varicolored, Parti-colored, Striated, rainbow, checkered, striped.
patterned (adjective)


concoction, mix, compound, combination, combo, hybrid, blend, amalgam. medley, Olio, conglomeration, salmagundi, mixed bag, variety, potpourri, cross-stitch, miscellany, mending, needlework, needlepoint, applique, alteration, darn, assortment, grab bag, collect, embroidery, darning, chain stitch, mixture. coloration, check, arrangement, articulation, argyle, arabesque, array, column, configuration, chronology. cognition (noun)
hodgepodge, jumble.
collage (noun)
combination (noun)
jumble (noun)
pastiche, grab bag, disorder, potpourri, confusion.
miscellany (noun)
mixed bag (noun)
mixed bag.
mixture, hodgepodge (noun)
plaid, pastiche, medley, tartan, disorder, miscellany, Olio, salmagundi, confusion, jumble, check.
patchwork (noun)
patchwork quilt, jumble, hodgepodge.

Other synonyms:

salmagundi, grab bag, mixed bag, Olio, conglomeration. assortment, potpourri. variety, miscellany, medley. mixture. check. Other relevant words:
combination, confusion, mixed bag, mix, conglomeration, mixture, Olio, medley, hodgepodge, patchwork quilt, miscellany, amalgam, variety, jumble, assortment, disorder, salmagundi, grab bag, pastiche, potpourri, blend, check, compound.

Usage examples for patchwork

  1. Like so much of the Pitakas the narrative has an air of patchwork – Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3) An Historical Sketch by Charles Eliot
  2. The room they passed through was very clean, and held a stove with a little tin kettle on it, a bed with a patchwork quilt, a shining little table and several chairs with flowers painted on them. – A Sweet Little Maid by Amy E. Blanchard
  3. Even when her illness so increased that she could no longer rise from her bed, she was a centre of usefulness and cheerfulness from that retreat, where she 'received', in a kind of rustic state, under a patchwork coverlid that was like a basket of flowers. – Father and Son by Edmund Gosse