Synonyms for Come in:


backdate, amend, abolish, criminalize, decriminalize, codify, amendment, abrogate, bring in. collect, cash in, appropriate, claim back, monetize, recover, earn, intrude. drop back, clock, ahead, false start, the blocks, reach, dead heat, baton, land. objective, intention, purpose, object, way, goal, role. revive, catch on, appeal, go down a storm, set a trend, be in demand, come back, boom, grow on. found, constitute, incorporate, establish, open, start up. shout out, interrupt, jump in, cut someone short. course, catch, break, deepen, cast up, dash, channel, burst, crest. business day, clock-watching, clock in, dress-down day, flextime, core time, ft, clock off, business hours. serve, collaborate, work, staff, double as, fill someone's shoes, be your own boss, volunteer, cover for, take in. confront, come across, pass, come through, come at, something expresses itself. pay off, come in handy, be of use, profit, come in useful, something has something to recommend it, go a long way toward doing something, repay, pay, be worth someone's while. come in (noun)
get in, come out, put in, go in, interpose, get into, inject, place, move into, enter, go into, come, interject.


cognition (verb)
place, come out.
enter place (verb)
land, reach, intrude.
motion (verb)
get into, enter, go in, get in, move into, come, go into.

Other synonyms:

decriminalize, abolish, amendment, core time, catch on, amend, dead heat, dress-down day, backdate, reach, clock-watching, business day, business hours, flextime, false start, criminalize, grow on, abrogate, drop back, clock, intrude, bring in, cast up. ft, land, come across. come through, baton, confront, come back, revive, come at. pass, boom. crest. channel, dash, burst. ahead. course. work. catch. break. enter
jump in, go in.
put in.
Other relevant words:
land, clock in, pass, intrude, reach, jump in.