Synonyms for Jut:


overhang, beetle, protuberate, belly, balloon, convex, bag. bulge (noun)
jut (noun)
extrusion, stick out, excrescence, gibbosity, protuberance, projection, bulge, hump, prominence, gibbousness, jutting, protrusion, protrude, project, bump, jut out.
sticking out (noun)
bulging, protuberant, stick up, prominent.


extend (verb)
protuberate, overhang, stick out, project, bulge, protrude, beetle.
stative (verb)
jut out, protrude, stick out, project.

Other synonyms:

frown, pout, protuberate, grimace. balloon, belly, overhang, beetle. mug. bulge
stick out, beetle, protuberate.
stick up, jut out, protrude.
sticking out
bulging, protuberant, stick up, prominent.

Usage examples for jut

  1. His gesture uncovered the close- curling hair of a small delicately- finished head just saved from effeminacy by the vigorous jut of heavy eye- brows meeting above full grey eyes. – The Fruit of the Tree by Edith Wharton