Synonyms for Confused:


chaotic (adjective)
inchoate, irregular, muddled, tempestuous, frenzied, messy, shapeless, inexact, disconnected, wild, cluttered, incoherent, disorganized, unruly, inconsistent, lawless, loose, insane, undisciplined, deformed, uneven, disarrayed, disorderly, disordered, deranged, formless, indefinite, lax, tumultuous, frantic, obscure, Disintegrated, indistinct, fuzzy, embroiled, anarchistic, disheveled, blurry, discomposed, perturbed, rambunctious, jumbled, chaotic, out of control, anarchical, amorphous.
complex (adjective)
involved, knotted.
complicated (adjective)
elaborate, complex, labyrinthine, perplexing, complicated, confounded, snarled, knotted, intricate, involved, tangled.
disoriented mentally (adjective)
bewildered, flustered, muddled, addled, punch-drunk, disorganized, at sea, perplexed, dazed, slaphappy, befuddled, perturbed, baffled.
misinterpreted (adjective)
misunderstood, twisted, distorted, garbled, misquoted, mistaken, misrepresented, misinterpreted, misread, deformed.
mixed-up (adjective)
mixed up, disordered (adjective)
jumbled, blurred, snarled, Obscured, messy, miscellaneous, topsy-turvy, out of order, untidy, snafu, involved, chaotic, misunderstood, disarranged, mistaken, disorderly.
pell-mell (adjective)
perverted (adjective)
uncertain (adjective)
deniable, vague, disputable, insecure, tentative, debatable, mysterious, precarious, controversial, moot, arguable, questionable, ambivalent, undecided, unsure, unconvinced, uncertain, changeable, contestable.
unintelligible (adjective)


spaced, foggy, at a loss (to do something), beside yourself, can't think straight, doubtful. order, upside down, helter-skelter. confused (noun)
disconnected, illogical, muddled, puddingheaded, dazed, mixed-up, potty, disoriented, bemused, spaced-out, trancelike, disjointed, woolly-headed, slaphappy, disordered, incoherent, mazed, garbled, scattered, befogged, silly, befuddled, bewildered, woolly, unconnected, clouded, disorganised, lost, punch-drunk, confounded, muddleheaded, stunned, disorganized, dazzled, broken, addlepated, upset, at sea, unoriented, wooly-minded, muzzy, wooly, baffled, stupefied, addled, addlebrained.
mentally ill (noun)
bipolar, depressed, mad, diminished responsibility, demented, certifiable, hysterical.


complicated (verb)
confused (verb)
flustered, Mistook, Misconstrued, mistaken, Obscured, perplexed, baffled, clouded.
deranged (verb)
fermented, Rummaged, rippled, Tossed, disturbed, roughened, Displaced, confounded, Mussed, Whipped, discomposed, Convulsed, roiled, Messed, scattered, tousled, disordered, rumpled, disorganized, scrambled, deranged, Whisked, disarranged, Churned, agitated, jumbled, botched, blurred, Meddled, Hashed, dislocated, upset, cluttered, perturbed, misplaced, Tampered, troubled, mixed up muddled, ruffled, Capsized, mislaid, Swirled, Tumbled, disheveled.
disordered (verb)
scattered, disordered, disorganized, cluttered, disarranged.
misinterpreted (verb)
garbled, deformed, misunderstood, twisted, distorted, misquoted, Mistook, mistaken, misread, misrepresented, misinterpreted.

Other synonyms:

hysterical, confusional, unclear, incomprehensible, muddle-headed, spaced, foggy, higgledy-piggledy. doubtful, difficult, helter-skelter, inextricable, topsy-turvy, contorted. upside down. turbid. addlebrained
mentally ill
demented, certifiable, depressed, mad, diminished responsibility, bipolar.

Usage examples for confused

  1. Perhaps the silence confused him. – The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins
  2. I won't be hurried and I won't be interrupted- she says you were confused – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  3. Louis paused quite confused – Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas, Pere