Synonyms for Patch:


abode, a roof over your head, address, habitation, occupier, town, home, environment, occupant, the home front. set right, doctor, authoring software, alpha version, fix up, overhaul, address book, right, automatic recovery program, autoresponder, backup utility, beta version, help, application software, revamp, accounting package. allotment, herbaceous border, backyard, border, flowerbed, garden, botanical garden, bed, bower, grounds. arabesque, configuration, argyle, array, chronology, coloration, articulation, arrangement, check, column. bodice, buttonhole, care label, arm, armhole, breast pocket, coattails, collar, bib. ashtray, nicotine gum, cessation, cold turkey, habit, light up, drag, chain-smoke, draw, draw on. cotton ball, compress, braces, cane, corset, cotton, band aid, cast. heal, heel, maintain, do up. area (noun)
hectare, territory, region, sector, area, rood, zone, section, district, acre, domain.
blemish (noun)
enclosure (noun)
patch (noun)
eyepatch, patch up, plot of ground, plot, dapple, temporary hookup, spot, fleck, speckle, maculation, piece, mend.
piece (noun)
piece applied to cover a gap or lack (noun)
mend, application.


change (verb)
contact (verb)
correct (verb)
adjust, revise, alter, correct, rectify, remedy, fix, amend, improve, repair.
fix, mend (verb)
overhaul, repair, revamp, do up.

Other synonyms:

revamp, overhaul. bed. doctor. heal. maintain, do up. heel. mend

Usage examples for patch

  1. A place, a patch of ground? – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  2. Just here a patch of light from a lantern. – The Harbor by Ernest Poole
  3. Not even a patch of grass could be discerned. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England