Synonyms for Forecast:


announcement, affirmation, allegation, accusation, apology, assertion, assurance, avowal, apologia, attestation. foresight, presentiment, foresee, precognition. foretoken, Forerun, adumbrate, show. prognostication, outlook, projection. communication (noun)
forecast (noun)
bode, calculate, auspicate, omen, prognosis, foreshadow, figure, portend, prognosticate, estimate, betoken, foretell, presage, predict, prefigure, reckon, count on, augur.
intention (noun)
endeavor, expectation, aim, ambition, plan, forethought, policy, scheme, object, prospectus, choice, procedure, wish, intention, calculation, schedule, agenda, idea, goal, proposal, approach, will, consideration, scenario, strategy.
prediction (noun)
foreshadowing, foretaste, augury, boding, prediction, prophecy, hunch, premonition, envisioning, speculation, revelation, omen, portent.
prediction, often of weather or business (noun)
calculation, prognostication, precognition, outlook, forethought, budget, prognosis, foresight, estimate, conjecture, divination, prophecy, projection, foretelling, foretoken, augury.


communication (verb)
predict (verb)
prophesy, speculate, reveal, envision, bode, foreshadow, predict, portend.
predict, guess (verb)
figure, foretell, calculate, augur, presage, plan, adumbrate, foresee, portend, prophesy, prognosticate.

Other synonyms:

foresee, precognition, prognostication, adumbrate, Forerun, foretoken. outlook. augury
Other relevant words:
count on, foresight, prognostication, adumbrate, announcement, outlook, foretoken, foretell, calculate, vaticination, prognosis, divination, figure, prefigure, foresee, projection, augur, presage, auspicate, presentiment, reckon, budget, foretelling, Forerun, conjecture, estimate, precognition, betoken, prognosticate.

Usage examples for forecast

  1. It has in it that element which he has described by a question- mark in his diagram, the element of forecast – Civics: as Applied Sociology by Patrick Geddes
  2. We regard this as indeed a solemn crisis, which requires of every man sobriety of thought, prophetic forecast independent judgment, invincible determination, and a sound heart. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  3. Moreover, Otto's forecast that Clem would be rescued, uninjured, also had come true. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler