Synonyms for Prepare:


caution, perfect, arm, anticipate, adapt, lecture, qualify, alert, lay-by, block out, man, appoint, provide, portend, Forewarn, warn off, elaborate, warn, foresee, cut out, lay in, get ready, provide for, tip off, whistle, sound/raise the alarm. fit out, dissolve, merge, stir in, mix, intermingle, combine, mix up, mingle. dream up, finalize, brew, concoct, map out, serve, think ahead. stage, convene, prepared. bake, butchery, butcher, blend, carve, butter, work out, planned, blanch, chill, beat. prepare (noun)
set, fix, machinate, devise, get up, groom, ready, train, organise, organize, make, set up, cook, gear up.


begin (verb)
undertake, commence, hatch, embark, begin, stem, dawn, emerge, start, birth, induct, bud, create, initialize, initiate, spring, conceive, sprout, inaugurate, introduce, originate, germinate.
make or get ready (verb)
cook, train, arrange, perfect, prime, fit, outfit, fit out, fabricate, anticipate, groom, form, qualify, adjust, develop, equip, ready, furnish, fashion, plan, appoint, fix, construct, settle, make, formulate, provide, adapt, concoct.
order (verb)
schematize, type, settle, chart, rationalize, structure, categorize, grade, plot, orchestrate, pigeonhole, schedule, Methodize, array, shape, program, rate, group, establish, control, class, unify, screen, scheme, systematize, integrate, right, score, place, classify, subordinate, plan, frame, order, sort, mediate, design, set, organize, cast, fix, regulate, rank, normalize, harmonize, unsnarl, compose, balance, collate, separate, form, sift, stabilize, maintain, support, arrange, adjust, stratify, devise, marshal.
prepare (verb)
dress, equip, fit, formulate, curry, furnish, prime, draft, foster, fashion, outfit, construct, make, develop, mobilize, ready, fabricate.

Other synonyms:

get ready, concoct, convene. stage. begin
initiate, introduce.
get up.

Usage examples for prepare

  1. You have to go to it whether you prepare for it or not. – Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  2. So I had to get up and work to prepare my food.... – Read-Aloud Plays by Horace Holley