Synonyms for Rummage:


flag day, bake sale, funfair, bazaar, fundraiser, fundraising, carnival, benefit. shake down, investigate, turn upside down, scavenge, beat the bushes, seek out, search out, hunt down, look out for, pick through, leave no stone unturned, go through, ransack, turn inside out. scouting, prowl, hunt, wild-goose chase, trawl, tracking, hunting. clutter (noun)
muddle, tumble, scramble.
odds and ends (noun)
antiques, used goods, old clothes, frippery, hand-me-downs, second-hand goods, stuff, miscellany.
rummage (noun)
search (noun)


comb (verb)
ransack, sift, probe, investigate.
delve (verb)
derange (verb)
misplace, rumple, confound, muddle, derange, tamper, dislocate, capsize, swirl, muss, ruffle, convulse, tousle, roil, hash, disturb, mix up, mislay, scramble, dishevel, clutter, churn, disorganize, disorder, blur, mess, roughen, discompose, scatter, botch, perturb, ferment, disarrange, toss, displace, whip, upset, tumble, whisk, meddle, jumble, ripple, confuse, agitate, trouble.
disorder (verb)
dishevel, derange, clutter, scatter, rumple, dislocate, confuse.
disrupt (verb)
rummage (verb)
disorganize, beat the bushes, leave no stone unturned, disorder, turn upside down, toss, jumble, seek, disturb, turn inside out, mix up, hunt, shake down, scour, disarrange, comb, forage.
search (verb)
forage, search, peek, look for, seek, peer, sift, rifle, comb, pry, winnow, scour, probe.

Other synonyms:

ransack, wild-goose chase. hunt, scouting, hunting. trawl. Other relevant words:
funfair, fundraiser, old clothes, beat the bushes, leave no stone unturned, look out for, antiques, bazaar, turn inside out, ransacking, investigate, stuff, scavenge, hunt, comb, scouting, miscellany, frippery, ransack, benefit, turn upside down, go through, hunting, carnival, hand-me-downs, prowl, fundraising, trawl, tracking.

Usage examples for rummage

  1. It had been bought at a rummage sale, and she was told that it suited her. – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  2. " You told me," he grinned, " to rummage around until I discovered a Real Treasure? – Little Eve Edgarton by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott