Synonyms for Litter:


heel, kennel, rash, call off, exercise, jumble, cat litter, kitty litter, scattering, hodgepodge, handler, answer to, domesticate. back, chaise lounge, chaise longue, backrest, arm, offspring, chaise, chair, armchair, chesterfield, armrest. get, there is/are etc., sit, kin, belong, young, occupy, lie, concentrate, stand, exist. mound, drift, wad, stack, mountain, pile, bank, heap, wall, pyramid. community, flight, gaggle, brace. dustman, disposal, curbside collection, binman, garbage collector, garbage disposal, bonfire, dump, dumping ground, garbage dump. crate, dairy, cattle prod, corral, cow town, crook, dip, brand. remains, garbage, ruin, e-waste, landfill. fan out, disperse, sprawl, spill over, permeate, pervade, diffuse, distribute, spread-out, run. animal offspring (noun)
school, young.
crew (noun)
colony, group, cell, coterie, troupe, assembly, fleet, string, society, battalion, clique, detail, cabal, circle, mob, fraternity, coalition, crew, army, staff, team, gang, drove, body, union, division, fellowship, covey, phalanx, nest, squad, hive, detachment, bunch, school, caucus, junta, wing, troop, force, retinue, outfit, faction, host, clan, league, pack, ring, regiment, set, posse, sect, band, brigade, company, platoon, tribe, complement, bevy, aggregation, crowd, assemblage, herd, party, club, collection, cadre, flock.
litter (noun)
bedding, bedding material.
mess, debris (noun)
jumble, garbage, rash, scattering, hodgepodge.


refuse (verb)

Other synonyms:

kitty litter, domesticate, cat litter, e-waste, kennel. landfill, handler, remains, young, heel. answer to. ruin. exercise. Other relevant words:
crook, bedding, community, corral, dip, dairy, exercise, ruin, disposal, binman, concentrate, chair, mound, bank, brace, heel, dump, wad, get, wall, kennel, handler, pyramid, dustman, e-waste, armchair, scattering, lie, landfill, rash, stand, young, sit, chesterfield, armrest, remains, pile, pervade, brand, chaise, crate, backrest, offspring, belong, heap, mountain, permeate, bonfire, garbage, gaggle, disperse, diffuse, flight, back, run, hodgepodge, bedding material, stack, jumble, distribute, kin, drift, occupy, sprawl, arm, exist, domesticate.

Usage examples for litter

  1. The registrar looked up wearily from the litter on her desk, as Betty entered. – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton
  2. With this they amused themselves by taking it out of the water and carrying it about shoulder high on a litter – Samoa, A Hundred Years Ago And Long Before by George Turner
  3. Moreover, if he is borne of the field on a litter it will not be in the presence of his parents. – The Opinions of a Philosopher by Robert Grant