Synonyms for Posse:


SWAT team (noun)
Posse Comitatus.
clinic, law, armed band, search party, police force, consortium, lynch mob, group of deputies, police, force armed with legal authority, board, corps, civilian police, class, committee. lot, gaggle, rogues' gallery. crew (noun)
coterie, platoon, circle, drove, team, army, coalition, cadre, brigade, assemblage, string, force, set, band, complement, caucus, fleet, troop, bevy, party, host, herd, cell, assembly, nest, covey, flock, junta, colony, pack, ring, battalion, faction, fellowship, hive, phalanx, company, retinue, union, clan, body, mob, cabal, detail, bunch, staff, society, sect, wing, outfit, tribe, division, regiment, aggregation, detachment, troupe, fraternity, litter, squad, group, school, league, clique, collection, crew, crowd, gang, club.
expedition (noun)
gang (noun)
band, crowd.
group (noun)
Posse Comitatus.
posse (noun)
Posse Comitatus.
vigilantes (noun)
lynch mob, armed band, search party, detachment.

Other synonyms:

gaggle, rogues' gallery. lot. Other relevant words:
lynch mob, armed band, gaggle, police force, corps, Posse Comitatus, police, search party, lot.

Usage examples for posse

  1. The heavy breathing of the three wounded men gave point to these thoughts, and the men of family and the men of little heart got up and left the posse – Way of the Lawless by Max Brand
  2. The posse talked over the trouble of the preceding night, and De Forest hoped that, as Josh. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  3. The ranch- owners, evidently, did not find the situation as satisfactory as Packard found it, for in July the Little Missouri River Stockmen's Association, of which Roosevelt was chairman, determined to organize a posse to " clean up" the country north of the railroad between the Missouri and the Little Missouri rivers. – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn