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capsize - 74 results
Other synonyms:

topple, turn turtle, boating, study at upset, turn, knock over, turn over, beach, overthrow, bail out, tip over, anchor, canoe, boater, horizontal, turtle, the Admiral's Cup, ahoy, the America's Cup, move, berth.

Examples of usage:

For an instant it seemed as if the vehicle would capsize under the sudden change of direction. - "The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship", Margaret Burnham.

What were you about to capsize the boat? - "The Black Bar", George Manville Fenn.

The obligation of the man at the oars was to keep the boat headed so that the tilt of the rollers would not capsize her, and to preserve her from filling when the crests rushed past. - "Men, Women, and Boats", Stephen Crane.

Similar words:

caprice, caponize, space capsule, sleeping capsule, bowman's capsule, capiz, caponise, capsizing, Oxalis Caprina.

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