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rape (verb)

rape, deflower, spoil, molest, defile, ravish.

Other synonyms:

collapse, mess up, irreverent, come apart, better, plunder, enchant, impair, delight, ruin, get around, traduce, malign, pervert, featherbed, break away, snipe, screw up, lash out, bollix, indulge, expose, bollocks, relegate, bollix up, erupt, spoil, wear, fall in, part, meddle, break down, crack, injure, harm, unorthodox, shame, go against, louse up, subvert, damp, breach, wrong, demoralize, founder, blow, defy, persecute, foray, rationalist, mollycoddle, offend, disobey, snap off, fluff, thwart, defame, dampen, sin, interfere with, spite, demoralise, clean, infract, let out, appear, deconsecrate, split up, pamper, desecrate, set on, bruise, loot, cocker, prostitute, vitiate, ravish, scandalize, ransack, enthral, contravene, overstep, go, enthrall, foul up, disclose, enrapture, foil, hurt, shock, sex, victimize, bodge, disgrace, flout, demote, fail, pollute, smash, come in, bump, appall, give way, irreligious, die, unhallow, botch up, give, bilk, break, botch, cave in, muck up, damage, do, check, gang-rape, bobble, flub, unwrap, baby, slander, profane, burst, itch, cosset, break up, impose on _or_ oppress, date-rape, round, pause, frustrate, soften, discontinue, mar, force, enter, aggrieve, secular, give away, separate, let on, buck, challenge, dishonor, dishonour, upon, rape, divulge, agnostic, humanism, lay waste, tamper with, pique, vilify, sacred, transport, attaint, discover, despoil, heretic, coddle, pillage, fall apart, ball up, misdirect, scandalise, fumble, mishandle, strip, reveal, rifle, disparage, get in, kick downstairs, draw in, bumble, wound, transgress, intermit, baffle, break off, reave, atheist, rail at, weaken, vituperate, get out, bollocks up, get, cross, bankrupt, bust, go bad, resist, recrudesce, outrage, give out, reproach, fracture, break-dance, land, appal, split, muff, bungle, reach, corrupt, deprave, gap, religion, scotch, interrupt, develop, bring out, disrupt, godless, break out, stop, conk out, sack, break in, arrive, misemploy, wear out, revile.

Examples of usage:

Early one morning, left alone, the man attempted to violate the boy. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.

" It is to call the spirit of the queen, if a profane touch should violate her tomb," Fenton said, dreamily. - "It Happened in Egypt", C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson.

I may find fault with you, if you violate rules- just draw your attention to it, you know, so you will not let it occur again. - "In Her Own Right", John Reed Scott.

Similar words:

shrinking violet, sweet violet, striped violet, Persian Violet, tall white violet, sweet white violet, two-eyed violet, Ptilonorhynchus Violaceus, public violence, Suksdorfia Violaceae.

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