Synonyms for Stew:


matelote, baste, meat pie, slumgullion, olla, Gallimaufry, beef stew, veal stew, bouillabaisse, Hungarian Goulash, steak and kidney pie, boil down, mutton stew, food, cottage pie, brown, lamb stew, stroganoff, olla podrida, charbroil, Olio. crepe, chili con carne, croquette, dumpling, ingestion, egg, cutlet, couscous, chicken-fried steak. worry, cark, concern, mope. collection (noun)
college, society, formation, collection, set, body, group, complement, bunch, league, band, union, assemblage, council, omnium-gatherum, corps, coalition, partnership, federation, bloc, assembly, assortment, salad.
combination (noun)
medley, soup, mixture.
food (noun)
macaroni and cheese, side dish, eggs, ravioli, fondue, goulash, lasagne, dish, poached eggs, taco, jambalaya, casserole, dessert, hors d'oeuvre, boiled eggs, stir fry, pizza, Irish Stew, tortellini, fried eggs, macaroni, tomato soup, sandwich, chicken soup, main course, spring roll, Meat Loaf, pasta, burrito, spaghetti, ragout, Chow Mein, course, leftovers, hamburger, soup, flapjacks, peanut butter sandwich, hard boiled eggs, pancakes, cannelloni, quiche, Scrambled eggs, soft boiled eggs, pie, omelette, egg roll, enchilada.
miscellany (noun)
salad, potpourri.
mixture (noun)
concoction, mix, commixture, amalgamate, infusion, merger, potpourri, composition, brew, paste, composite, compound, meld, decoction, intermixture, mash, admixture, conglomeration, alloy, hybrid, medley, Interfusion, mixture, mongrel, amalgam, combination, blend, elixir, emulsion, blending.
stew (noun)
lather, brood, dither, medley, pie, soup, grudge, tumult, grizzle, turmoil, sweat, brew, sulk, potpourri, swither, worry, fret, Olio, agitation, goulash.


anger (verb)
bake (verb)
heat, warm, scorch.
boil (verb)
decoct, poach, parboil.
brew (verb)
infuse, concoct.
heat (verb)
grill, singe, cook, fry, heat, swelter, broil, bake, parch, scorch, scald, barbecue, braise, boil, poach, warm, char, toast, simmer, burn, roast, parboil, fire, sear.
mix (verb)
combine, infuse, mingle, intermix, merge, decoct, concoct.
stew (verb)
simmer, boil, cook, fret.

Other synonyms:

dither. turmoil, cark, mope, perturbation. agitation. worry, tumult. flutter. burn up
Other relevant words:
cutlet, perturbation, crepe, matelote, brood, Olio, croquette, slumgullion, dither, dumpling, fluster, bouillabaisse, couscous, agitation, lather, tumult, grudge, charbroil, baste, stroganoff, sulk, flutter, grizzle, concern, turmoil, fret, cark, sweat, mope, brown, Gallimaufry, swither, upset, food, egg, worry, ingestion, olla.

Usage examples for stew

  1. Mrs Widger made a most savoury stew of it, and when Tony came in as usual, asking, " Be dinner ready, Missis?" – A Poor Man's House by Stephen Sydney Reynolds
  2. Still, were we to go what a stew we'd be in! – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett