Synonyms for Weeds:


artifact (noun)
widow's weeds.
clothes/clothing (noun)
vegetation (plural) (noun)
flowers, Ferns, Trees, Grains, fungi, florae, herbs, shrubs, vegetables, vines, Legumes, Grasses, Plants, Mosses, algae, Fruits.
weeds (noun)
widow's weeds, mourning band.


diminishes (verb)
deflates, drains, decrements, curtails, decreases, erodes, reduces, minimizes, truncates, shears, compacts, abridges, nips, depletes, compresses, shrinks, Culls, condenses, concentrates, shortens, crops, dwindles, pares, shaves, lessens, lightens, Clips, downgrades, bobs, trims, abbreviates, tapers, diminishes, prunes, contracts.
subtracts (verb)
lowers, elides, discounts, deducts, cuts, docks, depreciates, subtracts, deletes.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
widow's weeds, mourning band.

Usage examples for weeds

  1. And the road became very dusty, and the weeds very coarse, and the sky very grey and the air very heavy for Bauer, as Helen went out of the library and left him there staring intently at the place where she had been and recalling what she had said about money. – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  2. The clearing was fenced, but was full of autumn weeds – The Cavalier by George Washington Cable
  3. There are so few weeds and so little grass that one man, with a little extra help once or twice during the summer, can tend from forty to eighty acres. – The Desert Fiddler by William H. Hamby