Synonyms for Grub:


cooking, worm, nutrition, nourishment, Groceries, dish, maggot. dig, larva, nit, delve, cocoon, spade, nymph, scoop, pupa, shovel, excavate, enter, chrysalis. grind, search, seek out, scavenge, hunt down, work, pick through, plod, go through, slog, look out for, drudge, look for, search out, probe. bread (noun)
nourishment, nutriment, fare.
cuisine (noun)
meal, cooking.
grub (noun)
chuck, maggot, mooch, chow, cadge, comestibles, sponge, victuals, sustenance, worm, feed, eats, bum.
insect (noun)
meal (noun)
meat, taste, picnic, bread, drink, food, meal, fare, sustenance, foodstuff, morsel, board, cuisine, repast, ingestion, spread, feast, barbecue, consumption, dinner, feed, breakfast, lunch, banquet, nutriment, eating, snack.


dig (verb)
scoop, enter.
eat (verb)
ingest, devour, bite, sup, gulp, eat, consume, dine.
grub (verb)
excavate, delve, shovel, grind, drudge, plod, spade, probe, search, slog.

Other synonyms:

larva, pupa, chrysalis, worm, nit. excavate, spade, scoop, nutrition, nourishment, dig. slog, plod, delve, nymph. shovel. grind, cocoon. hard worker
Other relevant words:
mooch, comestibles, cocoon, delve, victuals, chow, drudge, excavate, spade, dig, shovel, work, nutrition, worm, sponge, Groceries, cooking, dish, nourishment, probe, eats, nymph, pupa, scoop, search, grind, bum, slog, plod, cadge, chuck, nit, larva, maggot, chrysalis.

Usage examples for grub

  1. " We've lots of grub and we expect to be home by tomorrow night anyway, if things go all right. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  2. In size the grub is the same as the egg, whose dimensions I have just given. – More Hunting Wasps by J. Henri Fabre
  3. Jonas, how about grub for the Judge? – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow