Synonyms for Mite:


bloodsucker, beetle. critter, big, Ort, dram, fragment, ounce, minim, bugger, dot, scruple, wretch, loser, trifle, poor sod, hapless. dust, insect, house, follicle, flour, cheese, bug, itch, chicken, blister. arachnid (noun)
tarantula, scorpion.
atom (noun)
jot, shred, modicum, crumb, ounce, whit, grain, morsel, dot, fragment, scrap, trace.
crumb (noun)
drop, dram.
dole (noun)
trifle, pittance.
dot (noun)
grain (noun)
scruple, granule.
insect (noun)
may fly, boll weevil, cricket, deer fly, fly, bookworm, horsefly, spider, bedbug, mantis, dung beetle, midge, nit, beetle, cicada, housefly, firefly, grasshopper, tarantula, tiger moth, gadfly, butterfly, ant, scarab, earwig, bee, scorpion, tick, louse, mosquito, fruit fly, stinkbug, yellow jacket, locust, termite, cockroach, June Bug, moth, katydid, chigger, daddy longlegs, blowfly, chinch, dragonfly, ladybug, black widow, flea, centipede, aphid, praying mantis, Horntail, wasp, bluebottle, silverfish, tsetse fly, botfly, gnat, millipede.
mite (noun)
bit, touch, iota, speck, atom, tinge, tick, minim, particle, insect, bug, nit, pinch, hint, jot, smidgen, soupcon.
parasite (noun)
dust, insect, house, follicle, flour, cheese, bug, itch, chicken, blister.
particle (noun)
smidgen, dash, shred, whit, particle, scrap, granule, smithereen, morsel, iota, grain, speck, drop, crumb, pittance, modicum, trace, bit, dab, Flyspeck, atom, touch.
quantity (noun)
pinch, hint, speck, tinge, touch, soupcon, jot.
sip (noun)

Other synonyms:

minim, hapless. ounce, critter, Ort, wretch. fragment, dram, scruple, loser. trifle. bug
Other relevant words:
bug, Ort, fragment, soupcon, beetle, trifle, tinge, insect, minim, dram, critter, jot, ounce, dot, hint, pinch, scruple.

Usage examples for mite

  1. He did not know that the story of his desertion was already there- Mrs. Amsden having gone to town with her mite which, added to the sale of the piano, Ethie's protracted absence, Richard's return to Olney at midnight, and Harry Clifford's serious and mysterious manner, were enough to set the town in motion. – Ethelyn's Mistake by Mary Jane Holmes
  2. She never thanked me one mite – The Lost Kitty by Harriette Newell Woods Baker (AKA Aunt Hattie)
  3. " We get a little mite of it here every once and a while," said grannie. – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown