Synonyms for Food:


butterfat, carbohydrate, caffeine, aspartame, curd, coloring, colouring, ascorbic acid, additive, albumin. edible, provision, dish, nurture, eats, comestible, Groceries, victual, Esculent, pap, chow. care for. board (noun)
provisions, mess.
food (noun)
foodstuff, provision, dish, bread, cookery, vittles, fare, victual, table, food for thought, meal, larder, cooking, Groceries, sustenance, ration, menu, comestible, grub, subsistence, drink, cuisine, comestibles, eats, intellectual nourishment, refreshment, snack, board, nutriment, meat, feed, fast food, chow, nutrient.
maintenance (noun)
meat (noun)
victual, edible.
menu (noun)
nourishment (noun)
nut, stew, foodstuffs, table, eats, Carbohydrates, fruit, larder, fast food, candy, comfort food, Fats, subsistence, chow, cookery, cooking, edibles, iron, stores, spice, provisions, butter, Proteids, rations, protein, meal For food in the menu, minerals, Sugars, dessert, fowl, cheese, jam, jelly, salad, meals, mess, fibers, haute cuisine, soul food, starches, flavoring, cake, pudding, entree, menu, health food, pastry, ration, Oils, refreshment, oil, egg, sauce, delicatessen, junk food, meat and drink, fish, milk, soup, Vitamins, comestibles, vittles, salts.
nurture (noun)
nutrient (noun)
minerals, Vitamins.
table (noun)
meat and drink, table.
tops (noun)

Other synonyms:

sauce, victual, junk food, Groceries, cooking, chow, stew. entree. provision. bill of fare
Other relevant words:
nutrient, Esculent, provision, eats, chow, delicatessen, subsistence, provisions, pap, dish, ration, table, refreshment, fast food, nurture, comestibles, victual, rations, stew, junk food, edibles, comestible, Groceries, health food, intellectual nourishment, menu, food for thought, edible, stores, foodstuffs, vittles.

Usage examples for food

  1. You are not a baby now, and you must work and get your own food – Among the Meadow People by Clara Dillingham Pierson
  2. But there was now plenty of food – Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Edward Eggleston