Synonyms for Sweep:


wriggle, twirl, spin, swirl, twist, whirl, about-face, revolution, turn, rotation. check on, stare, look, look around, survey, take in, examine, gaze, see, inspect. transfer, roll, manhandle, pass, shunt, take, advance, budge, propel, guide. bevy, bank, assembly, assortment, batch, battery, agglomeration, arsenal, bale, assemblage. carry off, award, walk away with, letter, crown, walk off with, recapture. be quick on your feet, race, gallop, hasten, speed, surge, charge, dart, outpace, fly. casino, fruit machine, die, dice, bingo, craps. romp, upset, double, thrashing, walkover, winning streak, victory, record. clean up, clean out, pick up after, sort out, clear out, pick up, straighten up. detoxification, polish, purification, treatment, rub. open water, sound, inlet, lagoon, Narrows, groundwater, channel, field, neck, ground. chimney sweep, housekeeper, cleaning lady, deckhand, housemaid, maid, chambermaid, charwoman, domestic, cleaner. mop up, notch up, romp ahead, triumph, conquer, clinch, win, be placed first/second etc., wrap up. search out, seek out, probe, scavenge, look out for, pick through, go through, hunt down, search, look for. spread-out, run, fan out, permeate, spill over, sprawl, diffuse, disperse, pervade, distribute. zip, whip, shove, skim, whisk, zap, flick, fling, slide, pop. prowl, scouting, hunt, rummage, trawl, wild-goose chase, tracking, hunting. curve (noun)
degree (noun)
extent (noun)
movement (noun)
course, swing, progress, movement, bend, curve.
range, extent (noun)
breadth, compass, length, span, scope.
sweep (noun)
cross, slam, expanse, sweep up, span, drag in, broom, chimneysweeper, drag, swing out, swing, sail, traverse, chimneysweep, end run, embroil, sweep oar, tangle.
victory (noun)


brush off, away (verb)
broom, clean, clear, tidy, scrub.
clean (verb)
clean, tidy, order, clear, filter, purge, sterilize, purify, cleanse, wash, neaten, Disinfect, launder, sanitize, scrub, wipe.
curve (verb)
bow, bend, hang, sag, curve, crook, arch, round, hook, swerve, camber.
fly, glide (verb)
skim, pass, sail.

Other synonyms:

romp ahead, hasten, notch up. detoxification, carry off, walk away with, purification, movement, walk off with, recapture. clinch. compass, letter. conquer, scope, treatment, wrap up, win. crown, polish, rub, award. sort out. pick up. take. clean
straighten up.
clean up.

Usage examples for sweep

  1. Other states followed the example and this new institution soon began its westward sweep following the development of the country. – On the Firing Line in Education by Adoniram Judson Ladd
  2. She remained silent, looking fixedly out of the great, plate- glass window, across the glorious sweep of blue mountain- slope and green valley commanded by Mrs. Marshall- Smith's bedroom. – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  3. Upon the thoughtless lives of men Its waves in mockery roll; And sweep a might of bitter pain Across each human soul. – Love-or-Fame-and-Other-Poems by Sherrick, Fannie Isabel