Synonyms for Scanner:


bus, auxiliary device, AGP, A drive, ADC, accelerator card, bridgeware, accelerated graphics port, back end, base hardware. air base, airside, airport, airstrip, airfield, arrivals, baggage reclaim, apron, aerodrome, baggage claim. cart, plate glass, cash register, display case, case, mannequin, listening post, dummy, awning, floor model. catheter, ekg, drain, drip, defibrillator, eeg, electrocardiograph, ecg, balloon, electrocardiogram. directional, GPS, get, interference, footprint, radar, ghosting, jam, cell, pick up. scanner (noun)
image scanner, electronic scanner, digital scanner.

Usage examples for scanner

  1. When I tried to make contact again, the scanner was gone! – Circus by Alan Edward Nourse
  2. But with this scanner on, I think of where I want to look and I can see it. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith
  3. Look at your scanner – The Giants From Outer Space by Geoff St. Reynard