Synonyms for Stain:


take its toll, harm, injure. attack, blacken, electron microscope, beaker, conical flask, burette, bespatter, centrifuge, besmear, boiling tube, bell jar, spatter, accelerator, Bunsen Burner, condenser. pervert, aerate, debase, bond, debauch, calcify, bestialize, behave, animalize, demoralize, vitiate, brutalize, assay, help, deprave, warp, balanced equation, the carbon cycle, behavior, canker, action, adsorb, bastardize. blacken someone's reputation/name/character, colors, discredit, talk trash. burn, blight, bruise, burnout, breakage, break. dovetail, season, sand, mortice, preserve, joinery, knotty, mortise, sawdust, carpentry. blemish (noun)
sore, rift, abrasion, brand, disfigurement, discoloration, blotch, impurity, distortion, eyesore, fault, defacement, weal, wart, spoilage, imperfection, lesion, stigma, scab, drawback, deformity.
blot (noun)
something the matter, blot on the escutcheon, stained spot, mottle, ink spot, drip, spatter.
color (noun)
tincture, palette, complexion, tone, paint, shade, ink, rainbow, spectrum, color, tint, dye, pigment, hue.
coloring (noun)
contaminant (noun)
shame (noun)
spot of dirt, blot, bar (noun)
spot, spatter, mottle, blotch, brand, stigma, smirch, color, drip, tint, splotch, discoloration, smudge, speck, ink spot, blemish, dye.
stain (noun)
brand, grease, smirch, dirt, stigma, grunge, filth, mark, discolouration, spot, discoloration, soil, blot, grime, smear.


blemish (verb)
fracture, scar, check, score, gash, scratch, blot, hack, distort, nick, abrade, mark, defect, splotch, damage, taint, scuff, deface, blemish, flaw, freckle, deform, spoil, dot, chip, speck, pockmark, hurt, fleck, scrape, tarnish, mar, kink, discolor, spot, notch, slit, blister, disfigure.
color (verb)
shade, color, paint, tint, ink, dye.
dirty (verb)
besmirch, muddy, smudge, contaminate, sully, putrefy, foul, smear, dirty, streak, defile, soil, befoul, pollute, smirch.
dirty, taint (verb)
smear, blacken, brutalize, debase, besmirch, bastardize, blot, demoralize, debauch, mark, pervert, discolor, contaminate, defile, bestialize, animalize, deprave, sully, tarnish, soil.
disrespect (verb)
insult, disesteem, disrespect.

Other synonyms:

blight, Bestain, attack, brutalize, animalize, injure, bestialize, bruise. discredit, bastardize, deprave, pervert, debauch, besmear. warp, bespatter, canker. debase, demoralize. blacken. blacken
Other relevant words:
mottle, discredit, attack, blacken, debase, dirt, deprave, harm, blight, discolouration, canker, Bestain, demoralize, bastardize, grease, bestialize, drip, grime, bruise, color, warp, injure, ink spot, bespatter, vitiate, besmear, filth, animalize, pervert, spatter, debauch, grunge, brutalize.

Usage examples for stain

  1. Think, sir, while there is yet time, that if one drop of blood be shed, that blood shall be an eternal stain upon your Honor's memory. – From-Twice-Told-Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel
  2. I envied Anthony the brown stain on his face, for I felt the blood rushing to mine. – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson