Synonyms for Soup:


okra soup, cock-a-leekie, bisque, bouillabaisse, mulligatawny, black bean soup, mutton broth, potato soup, scotch broth, split-pea soup, turtle soup, gazpacho, Philadelphia pepperpot, mongole, beef broth, bouillon, vegetable soup, navy bean soup, consomme, onion soup, clam broth, corn chowder, lentil soup, borsch, gumbo, celery soup, broth, fish chowder, minestrone, egg drop soup, won-ton soup, soup a la Italienne, oxtail soup, clam chowder, mock turtle soup, turkey soup, chowder, vichyssoise, borscht, cream of tomato bisque, mushroom soup. compound (noun)
food (noun)
jambalaya, Scrambled eggs, Irish Stew, spring roll, tomato soup, Chow Mein, macaroni, fried eggs, eggs, boiled eggs, quiche, side dish, casserole, burrito, tortellini, cannelloni, stir fry, omelette, dessert, chicken soup, hors d'oeuvre, pizza, peanut butter sandwich, spaghetti, course, taco, ragout, fondue, pie, main course, soft boiled eggs, hamburger, egg roll, enchilada, pasta, leftovers, sandwich, pancakes, macaroni and cheese, Meat Loaf, poached eggs, goulash, hard boiled eggs, lasagne, stew, flapjacks, dish, ravioli, salad.
hot water (noun)
difficulty, hot spot, predicament.
predicament (noun)
fix, plight, bind, corner, spot, hot water, deep water, quagmire, pickle, jam, scrape, predicament, dilemma.
stew (noun)

Other synonyms:

dutch, broth, deep water, hot spot. plight, dilemma, hot water, predicament, box. pickle. jam, quagmire, scrape. spot. bind, corner, difficulty. trouble. Other relevant words:
trouble, clam chowder, bisque, bouillabaisse, gumbo, mulligatawny, scrape, vichyssoise, hot water, jam, lentil soup, difficulty, vegetable soup, quagmire, bind, bouillon, minestrone, spot, cock-a-leekie, turtle soup, pickle, consomme, dutch, borsch, dilemma, oxtail soup, box, corner, easy, predicament, potato soup, egg drop soup, hot spot, chowder, gazpacho, mongole, broth, mock turtle soup, borscht, plight, scotch broth.

Usage examples for soup

  1. And she concentrated on her soup – The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim
  2. She didn't drop the soup plate or make any awkward movement. – Patty's Suitors by Carolyn Wells
  3. This is much better than in the south, where we, and sixty other travellers, were once kept waiting fifteen minutes between the soup and the fish course. – Penelope's Irish Experiences by Kate Douglas Wiggin