Synonyms for Wrench:


sadness, depression, desolation, remorse, tug, sorrow, disappointment, regret, jerk, strain. bellows, yank, push, adjustable wrench, blowtorch, bit, applicator, Allen Wrench, bradawl, box end wrench, move, snap, lurch, blowlamp, twitch. cut, machine, harm, disable, break, injure. entangle, tangle, intertwine, bind, tweak. event (noun)
grip (noun)
muscle spasm (noun)
pain (noun)
crick, smarting, burn, irritation, Back Ache, ache, spasm, infliction, earache, grief, headache, malaise, bruise, cramp, rack, distress, discomfort, anguish, bite, painfulness, pain, misery, injury, wound, torture, throb, stab, stitch, chafing, Migraine, hurt, throe, torment, inflammation, agony, pang, sore, suffering, affliction, gripe, sting.
state (noun)
pull, twist.
tool (noun)
scissors, calipers, miter box, pipe wrench, pickax, band saw, arc welder, buzz saw, crowbar, lathe, table saw, hatchet, vise, grapnel, back saw, tool, Bow-saw, pick, scythe, machete, spoke shave, axe, claw hammer, handsaw, sledgehammer, scroll saw, bench drill, plane, sickle, trowel, monkey wrench, saw, crosscut saw, welder, stapler, ripsaw, radial arm saw, ball-peen hammer, shovel, spanner, chisel, snips, circular saw, pliers, screwdriver, mallet, jackknife, hedge trimmer, grindstone, knife, shears, coping saw, hammer, hacksaw, edger, chain saw, punch, wedge, gouge, lug wrench, spade, drill, jigsaw, wrecking bar, emery wheel, cold chisel, posthole auger, square, file, keyhole saw, hoe, planer, level, Drill press, auger, jointer, tin snips, tire iron, awl.
wrench (noun)
spanner, rick, wrick, turn, sprain, wring, pull, twist.


contact (verb)
jerk, force violently (verb)
strain, sprain, wring, tweak, tug, yank, pull, twist.
pain (verb)
agonize, suffer, afflict, irritate, chafe, smart, inflame.

Other synonyms:

jerk. tweak, entangle, intertwine. tangle, strain, twitch, tug. lurch. bind, snap. twitch
Other relevant words:
injure, wring, break, jerk, sadness, harm, wrick, push, lurch, intertwine, rick, twist, twitch, adjustable wrench, yank, pull, cut, turn, tweak, entangle, snap, sprain, tug, strain.

Usage examples for wrench

  1. Maisanguaq, by a fierce wrench managed to release one hand, struck Ootah a heavy blow and broke away. – The Eternal Maiden by T. Everett Harré
  2. A form of wrench – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  3. Once, indeed, the boy thought Rivers had his foe, for he forced him to the edge of the boulder and put all his strength into a violent wrench – The Boy With the U. S. Survey by Francis Rolt-Wheeler