Synonyms for Dish:


clock radio, dab, antenna, cathode-ray tube, aerial, communications satellite, cue card, crt, camera, decoder. cooking, nourishment, sustenance, Groceries, nutrition, foodstuff, doll. eye candy, talent, sex symbol, hot stuff, sex object. cruet, dinner service, earthenware, dishes, crocks, crockery, canteen, cutlery, bone china. ramekin, punch bowl, salver, finger bowl, mixing bowl. couscous, cutlet, egg, croquette, crepe, chili con carne, dumpling, chicken-fried steak. attractive woman (noun)
doll, peach.
container (noun)
dish (noun)
dish up, lulu, mantrap, serve, bag, smasher, sweetheart, cup of tea, dish aerial, peach, looker, dishful, serve up, beauty, stunner, dish out, dish antenna, ravisher, knockout.
dish up (noun)
doll (noun)
eating receptacle (noun)
cup, pottery, casserole, container, bowl, plate, vessel, platter, china, salver.
food (noun)
jambalaya, pasta, salad, leftovers, lasagne, boiled eggs, hamburger, sandwich, casserole, ravioli, flapjacks, hors d'oeuvre, fondue, taco, side dish, stir fry, spaghetti, egg roll, poached eggs, dessert, eggs, burrito, spring roll, omelette, quiche, soup, cannelloni, main course, enchilada, ragout, Meat Loaf, tomato soup, goulash, macaroni and cheese, Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, pizza, pie, Irish Stew, peanut butter sandwich, tortellini, chicken soup, hard boiled eggs, stew, Chow Mein, soft boiled eggs, macaroni, pancakes, course.
main part of meal (noun)
recipe, course, serving, fare, food, helping.
plate (noun)
china, plate, pottery, cup, container, bowl, platter, vessel.
platter (noun)
receptacle (noun)


consumption (verb)
dish out, serve, serve up, dish up.

Other synonyms:

nourishment, ramekin, salver, sustenance, chili con carne, eye candy, sex symbol, croquette, finger bowl, sex object, punch bowl, nutrition, Groceries, cooking, chicken-fried steak, mixing bowl, foodstuff, specialty, platter. crepe, dumpling, food, cutlet, cruet, couscous, entree, meal. talent, hot stuff, vessel, egg, fare. plate. dish
Other relevant words:
decoder, crockery, helping, dish antenna, beauty, earthenware, serving, sweetheart, foodstuff, doll, cooking, meal, container, talent, mantrap, knockout, dish out, entree, couscous, aerial, china, croquette, plate, ramekin, fare, preparation, cutlery, cutlet, dumpling, platter, food, peach, bowl, punch bowl, recipe, dishes, antenna, cup, specialty, smasher, sustenance, dab, dish aerial, egg, lulu, serve, looker, dishful, vessel, canteen, ravisher, bag, cup of tea, stunner, salver, crocks, nourishment, cruet, nutrition, serve up, Groceries, crt, crepe, camera, pottery, dish up.

Usage examples for dish

  1. Dish yer livin' is moughty hard, marster, but I reckon we'se all got ter come ter hit. – The Miller Of Old Church by Ellen Glasgow
  2. Well, your wife will be able to make you Welsh rarebits like this every day, with this electric chafing dish – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead