Synonyms for Gulp:


furry, gargle, dribble, gingivitis, Adam's Apple, corner, epiglottis, froth, agape, dry. champ, chomp, down, crunch, englut, ingestion, wolf, chow down, bolt, demolish, ingurgitate, cannibalize. cower, shout, back away, hyperventilate, recoil, shrink, cry out, cringe, tremble. fight for breath, gasp, catch your breath, choke, sigh, breathe, puff, blow. chug, force down, drink to, glug, gorge. act (noun)
draught, swig, draft.
drink (noun)
taste, draft.
gulp (noun)
draft, draught, guttle, gasp, pig, quaff, swig, swill, choke, gulping, raven, devour.
pour (noun)
bolt, take in one draught, toss down, choke down, toss off.


bolt (verb)
inhale, gorge.
breathe (verb)
sigh, puff.
consume (verb)
bolt, take, absorb, ingest, snack, toss down, feed, down, chow down.
consumption (verb)
swig, quaff.
devour (verb)
drink (verb)
gargle, quaff, swill, sup, carouse, guzzle.
eat (verb)
consume, picnic, drink, sup, grub, lunch, breakfast, feed, taste, bite, dine, feast, snack.
eat, drink fast (verb)
gulp (verb)
consume, ingurgitate, choke down, gobble, guzzle, quaff, englut, devour, toss off.
receive (verb)
acquire, get, pocket, access, gobble, assimilate, devour, ingest, admit, receive, engorge, inhale, eat, accept, take, inspire, absorb.

Other synonyms:

gasp, ingurgitate, englut, ingestion. glug, drink to, chug. sigh. breathe. puff. choke, bolt. blow. consume
chow down, toss down.
toss off, sup.
drink down
swig, quaff.
fight for breath.

Usage examples for gulp

  1. Max took a slow gulp from his glass and set it down. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. He had to gulp down certain feelings before he could make answer with discretion. – Sylvia's Lovers -- Complete by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  3. I think you gulp down your minestra too hot; you drink beer." – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith