Synonyms for Fling:


love life, courtship, liaison, flirtation, affair, involvement, relationship. step on someone's toes, shock, trade blows/insults, snub, wound, offend, appal, affront, insult, shy, speak/talk out of turn. rampage, binge, point, direct, aim, jag, restraint. whack, entertainment, gaieties, giggle, stab, diversion, devilment, amusement, distraction, fun, try. burst open, crack something open, unscrew, unfold, open up, pry, undo, dash, unlock. zap, skim, whisk, slide, pop, whip, zip. act (noun)
offer, whirl, pass, go.
casual throw (noun)
pitch, chuck, lob, heave, cast, hurl, toss.
fling (noun)
toss away, go, whirl, offer, dispose, pass, chuck out, throw out, splurge, cast aside, cast out, discard, put away, toss, throw away, cast away, spree, toss out.
indulgence (noun)
binge, celebration, party.
love affair (noun)
unrestrained behavior (noun)
try, binge, fun, affair, whirl, stab, celebration, party, rampage, spree, go, splurge.


motivate (verb)
ferment, jostle, encourage, urge, induce, poke, motivate, punch, inspire, jerk, provoke, shoot, instigate, energize, trigger, prompt, magnetize, stimulate, bump, jolt, hasten, force, move, jog, entice, foment, strike, hurtle, nudge, knock.
propel (verb)
compel, butt, hurl, chuck, project, thrust, push, ram, impel, fire, catapult, launch, heave, bunt, lob, throw, pelt, propel, drive, goad, toss, cast, prod, cant, shove, shunt, sling, flick, bowl, pitch, precipitate.
throw with abandon (verb)
launch, jerk, sling, fire, shy, propel, precipitate, catapult.

Other synonyms:

love life, distraction, liaison, entertainment, courtship, giggle, relationship. rampage, diversion, involvement, fun, flirtation. amusement, direct, skim. dash, jag, whisk. aim, point, stab. slide, whip. send off
binge, spree.
Other relevant words:
toss out, direct, offer, chuck out, cast away, dispose, amusement, discard, giggle, try, pass, rampage, affair, throw away, put away, toss away, go, spree, celebration, whirl, splurge, cast out, cast aside, binge, dash, whisk, party, shy, courtship, throw out, relationship, stab, whack, liaison, jag, entertainment, pop.

Usage examples for fling

  1. They can't fling themselves about, separate, anywhere, without a great many getting spoiled, or lost. – The Other Girls by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  2. Step forward and fling yourself at her feet, if that's the way you have determined to do it. – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham
  3. This, it is evident, leaves Gregory in charge for some months yet, but it seems to me it's our duty to see he doesn't fling away Harry's property. – Masters of the Wheat-Lands by Harold Bindloss